Skilled Maintenance and Repairs for Your Audi and VW

Reliable assistance from specialists certified for European luxury cars

Audi has always promised “Progress through technology,” and has certainly delivered with distinctive design, sports car performance and innovation born on the race track. If you decided to purchase an everyday supercar, you also need a reliable service center to manage your regularly schedule maintenance and repairs as they become necessary.

At Oldwick Village Garage, our mechanics are certified specialists for a variety of European luxury cars, including Audi and Volkswagen. We have extensive experience with the sedans, coupes, sports cars and SUVs in the Audi line, as well as a wide variety of early and late model Volkswagens. We diagnose your problems using factory-specific computer software, and effect repairs quickly using manufacturer approved parts. We get your Audi or VW back on the road quickly and at a reasonable cost, and we’re always here whenever a problem comes up.

Common problems that affect Audis and Volkswagens

German engineering is legendary for its efficiency and reliability. Although these traits are hallmarks of the Audi and Volkswagen brands, these vehicles still suffer from common shortcomings and defects, including:

  • Engine Misfires – If you are experiencing misfires, your engine could have faulty ignition coils or worn spark plugs. Carbon buildup on the backs of intake valves can also cause misfire problems especially on cold startup. Carbon blasting is a service we do and requires special tools to remove carbon buildup.
  • Camshaft wear – Audi engines, like many high-performance vehicles, have wear issues. Your regular maintenance is crucial for detecting wear in the early stages and correcting issues before they become major problems. Camshafts can wear out on some models leaving the engine barely able to run.
  • High Pressure Fuel Pump failure – Cam shaft wear can cause this important part to fail, hurting your engine’s performance and even leaving you stranded on the side of the road. The most common symptom of this part failing is a long cranking condition.
  • Cam chain tensioner and timing chain adjuster – These parts help your engine work properly by keeping the moving parts in perfect time with each other. They should be good with regular maintenance for at least 100,000 miles, but too many fail after just 20,000 miles. If you here a rattling noise emanating from your engine, get it checked out immediately. You might also experience rough idling, engine stalls, poor acceleration and hesitation. This is an easy area to inspect, but if you let it go, this type of failure can do considerable damage to the internal engine, as the pistons collide with the valves in the cylinder head and bend or break them. If you own a Volkswagen, you should be aware that many owners have sued the company claiming defects in the timing chain system have caused engine failure well in advance of the factory-recommended maintenance schedule. The company has charged owners with poor maintenance. To preserve your rights under your warranty, you must stick to your maintenance schedule, and Oldwick Village Garage is the perfect place to do it.
  • Suspension – Audi’s have many control arms in the front suspension which is one of the reasons they handle so well. Rubber bushings and ball joints in these arms will frequently wear out.

These are only some of the Audi/VW problems we have successfully addressed over the years for our many clients. Whether you visit to us for scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs, our certified mechanics perform with the utmost professionalism, so your car is back on the road quickly at a very reasonable cost.

Contact our certified European car specialists to service your Audi or VW

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