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Skilled technicians get your performance car out of the shop and back onto the road

For decades Bmw has referred to its line of automobiles as “the ultimate driving machines.” The emphasis at Bmw has always been on performance, handling and style, but often at the expense of reliability. For that reason, many Bmw owners are disappointed by the high cost and the frequency of repairs. Fortunately, Oldwick Village Garage not only effects repairs, we also perform scheduled maintenance. And we use our specialized knowledge aided by factory-specific computer diagnostics to anticipate and correct problems you might experience down the road. We use quality OEM parts, and complete repairs in a timely fashion, so your car spends less time in the shop and more time on the road.

Common problems facing Bmw 3 Series and 5 Series automobiles

As specialists working on European luxury cars, our mechanics have quite a bit of experience with Bmws, especially the sporty 3 Series and the luxurious business sedans of the 5 Series. We have encountered a full range of problems plaguing the electronic systems, the engine, the cooling system, transmission, and other components. Common issues include:

  • Electrical problems – These range from doors that won’t lock remotely to slow-moving or immobile windows and door handles, to seatbelt icons that stay lit on the dashboard. Ignition coils are prone to failure, making the engine misfire and putting the check engine light on. Like all contemporary luxury cars, Bmws have a broad array of computer sensors designed to indicate problems, which unfortunately can become problems themselves. But at Oldwick Village Garage, we can perform factory-specific computer diagnostics to pinpoint your electrical problems and make the necessary repairs. Electric Keys and the control module that turns on the vehicle (CAS module) are common to fail. These are all Theft Related Parts (TRP) and require a NASTF license to order.
  • Engine problems – High performance engines can overtax certain parts that need to be replaced. These include ignition modules, the timing chain, fuel pumps, fuel injectors, and oil gaskets/seals. Problems with fuel pumps cause poor engine performance, check engine light, and hard starting. Oil leaks can be particularly messy, especially when the valve cover gasket is the culprit. Oil leaking onto exhaust will create a noticeable burning odor. Oil pan gaskets and oil filter housing seals will leak too. Timely attention to these problems can prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your engine, while overlooking these issues can leave you stranded on the side of the road. Engine turbochargers can fail at 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Serpentine belts and their tensioners will wear out and fail. You don’t want a belt to fail and get sucked into the front of an engine which is known to happen and will ruin your engine.
  • Cooling system – Problems with Bmw cooling systems puts your engine at risk of overheating, potentially damaging your head gaskets and cylinders. Electric water pumps are common to fail without any warnings and cause the engine to overheat and illuminate an overheat warning message on the dash. Most of these cars don’t have a temperature gauge so you will not see it coming. You should expect to replace your water pump, expansion tank, and thermostat every three-five years. Driving with a failing coolant system component can be disastrous for your engine. Plastic coolant system components are known to have small leaks when they are cold and will stop leaking once the engine warms up. This is why German vehicles need to be checked for coolant leaks when they are cold.
  • Tire problems – Bmw has been criticized for the poor ride quality of its run flat tires. These vehicles don’t have a spare tire. Often tires need to be replaced sooner than expected, but this is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to enhance the safety and performance of your vehicle. Choosing a high quality tire will also make your Bmw ride and handle the way you expect it to.
  • Body – Interior door handles called “carriers” can fail making the door unable to open from the outside. Cables inside the door going to the interior handle can snap making the interior handle inoperational. Door lock assemblies inside the door can fail and not be responsive to door lock requests. Window regulators are common to fail on many Bmw models and will leave the window stuck possibly in a down position.
  • Brakes – ABS modules can fail illuminating the ABS or Tracs light. Shimmy on braking is common and often caused by rust on front wheel hubs causing the rotor to turn out of round.
  • Steering and Suspension- Shocks, struts, and ball joints all can wear out over time. Coil springs can rust and break. Oil filled thrust arm bushings are made to dampen your steering feel but will wear out over time giving you vibrations in the front end. Proper alignment are also important for your Bmw to keep it handling the way you want.
  • Transmission – Automatic transmissions can wear out over time and can also have individual component failure. Mechatronic seal on top of the valvebody is a rubber seal that will get hard over time and stop sealing well. This is a common repair that can fix multiple transmission complaints. Filter and fluid replacement is very important to make sure your transmission will last as long as possible. If you transmission needs an entire replacement we have access to factory rebuilt units at a discounted price direct from the rebuilder.

Other common complaints include engine rattle noises, long cranking conditions, abnormal vibration in the clutch (usually first or second gear), and power steering leaks. At Oldwick Village Garage, we are prepared to perform expert repairs on all popular models of Bmw, such as 328i, 535i, 528i, 750Li, Z8, as well as Mini Coopers.

Skilled maintenance of your Bmw xDrive

xDrive is Bmws full-time, all-wheel drive, billed as “intelligent” four-wheel drive providing enhanced driving dynamics and improved safety. The system is always active but only engages the drivetrain when the car’s on-board ECU senses wheel slip. Responding in one-millionth of a second, xDrive adjusts the rotation of all four wheels to compensate for loss of traction to any one tire. A sophisticated system such as this requires specialized service. At Oldwick Village Garage, we understand complex, computer-guided electronics. We use factory-specific computer diagnostics to test your xDrive system, ascertain where problems may exist, and effect repairs.

Trust our certified specialists to service your Bmw and Mini Cooper

You’ve made a significant investment in your automobile; be sure to take it to the right mechanics. At Oldwick Village Garage, our mechanics are certified specialists qualified to maintain and repair a variety of European luxury cars, including Bmws and Mini Coopers. Call us today at (908) 439-2236 to schedule an appointment.