Skilled Mechanics Provide Complete Carburetor Service for Classic Cars

Keep your prized auto running smooth and clean

The internal combustion engine relies on the right blend of fuel and air to run efficiently. Traditionally, this was the job of your car’s carburetor, which required a frequent tune up to maintain peak performance. The auto industry has moved on from the carburetor to fuel injection systems. But if you’re still driving a classic luxury automobile, you’ve got a carburetor, and it can become a complex, costly issue for your car. Fortunately, the certified mechanics at Oldwick Village Garage know our way around a classic carburetor. We can perform repairs and rebuilds, and even replace your system with properly suited parts, all in a timely and cost-effective manner.

How a problem carburetor can affect your car’s performance

As stated above, your car needs the proper balance of fuel and air to burn efficiently. Too much or too little air passing through the carburetor causes a number of conditions, such as:

  • Spitting or coughing – Also referred to as “backfiring” these noises typically occur with a “lean condition” of not enough fuel to air combination. The situation can be worse when the engine is cold and improve as it warms up. Improper ignition timing can also contribute to backfires.
  • Black exhaust smoke – Billows of black smoke exiting your tail pipe mean the carburetor is allowing too much fuel to pass through with too little air. This is called running too “rich”.
  • Difficulty starting – If the air-fuel ratio is off drastically, it can be impossible to get the engine to turn over. Too much fuel or “flooding” the engine on startup will also dump fuel into the crankcase diluting the engine oil. If an engine becomes flooded it can be nearly impossible to start and you may need new spark plugs to get it started. An oil change should be done as well.
  • Overheating – We usually associate an overheating engine with a coolant problem. But a lean mixture can cause cylinders to run hotter, leading to overheating. This can even damage internal engine components especially if the condition is long lasting.

But even if none of these obvious symptoms are present, a carburetor that is not functioning properly inevitably leads to reduced engine performance. You may notice rough idling while standing, as well as sluggishness as you accelerate, and you’ll find you may be using more gasoline than usual.

Solving your classic car’s carburetor problem

One of the reasons the auto industry moved away from carburetor systems is they require more maintenance than modern fuel injectors. Just as a guitar needs to be tuned every time you play, your carburetor needs frequent adjustments, especially since it lives in your older model car. Many classic car enthusiasts enjoy puttering with their engine and getting it to “purr.” But not everyone is so handy, and some problems need professional attention.

At Oldwick Village Garage, our certified mechanics perform a variety of services for your carburetor, including:

  • Adjustment – We perform appropriate adjustments as part of your car’s regular maintenance. As temperatures or altitude changes so will the amount of fuel needed for proper air to fuel mixture. Dirt and sludge can clog parts and affect performance. We can disassemble and clean the system thoroughly if needed.
  • Rebuilding – If a component of your system has worn out or failed, it may be possible to replace worn out parts. This is often the more feasible choice, especially for older cars, when parts are scarce.
  • Replacing – Unfortunately, there are times when an entire carburetor system has to be replaced. When this happens, we provide the highest quality parts and install your new system dependably.

Don’t settle for poor performance that could damage other parts of your engine. Let our certified mechanics get under the hood and diagnose the carburetor problem for you.

Get specialized carburetor care for your classic luxury car

Keep your classic car running with professional carburetor service from Oldwick Village Garage. Our certified mechanics specialize in European makes and models, so we can analyze the problem, and skillfully repair your carburetor system using only manufacturer-approved parts. Call us today at (908) 439-2236 to schedule an appointment.