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There was a time when European cars almost exclusively had manual transmissions. This was great for performance but also put the vehicle at risk for excessive wear and tear from daily driving. Now though, European manufacturers offer high-performance automatic transmissions in almost all makes and models. Whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission, your luxury car deserves skilled maintenance and repair services. At Oldwick Village Garage, our mechanics are certified European auto specialists that know exactly how to get the best from your transmission. For years we’ve helped drivers throughout the Tewksbury area get the quality service their car needs to continue to perform its’ best.

Brands We Service

At Oldwick Village Garage we specialize in the area’s most popular European brands:

While each of these vehicles have unique service requirements, our certified mechanics have the experience and dealership level tools & equipment to ensure high-quality, accurate service no matter what you drive.

Signs of Transmission Issues

To have a good relationship with your car, you need to be an active participant and make sure you respond to any signals that your car is trying to show you. Common signals indicating a transmission problem include:

  • Transmission slipping while accelerating
  • Grinding sounds when changing gears
  • Failing to engage into gear
  • Poor shift feel
  • Slamming into gear

If you notice any of these signs, call our team of expert mechanics to schedule service. Even if there’s no signs present, keeping up with your car’s maintenance needs will ensure maximum performance while possibly allowing our mechanics to catch an issue early, saving you a bigger hassle down the line.

Tips from Our Team to Keep Your Transmission in Peak Condition

If you abuse your transmission and delay regular maintenance, you’re setting yourself up for a huge repair bill. Here are a few easy ways to keep your transmission healthy:

  • Fully engage your clutch – Don’t take half measures when it comes to pressing your clutch. Press the pedal to the floor so it releases fully, and you don’t grind your gears.
  • Never shift into reverse until fully stopped – Haste makes waste, and strips gears.
  • Avoid engine breaking – Popping your transmission into a lower gear and using the resistance to slow your car down can extend the life of your brakes but is not good for your transmission. It can work in certain situations (down a steep hill) but doing this also wastes gas and puts extra wear and tear on your car’s drivetrain.
  • Adhere to manufacturer’s maintenance schedule – Getting a tune-up or changing your transmission fluid on time will keep your transmission protected and your warranty intact. All transmissions should be serviced with new appropriate fluid and filter to maximize its’ life span.
  • Trust your ears – If you engine is making unusual sounds or doesn’t quite sound/feel right, a consultation with your mechanic is in order. It’s always better safe than sorry.

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Located in Tewksbury in the Oldwick Village area, Oldwick Village Garage also helps drivers from surrounding areas including:

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