Tewksbury’s Go-To Shop for European & Exotic Auto Wheel Alignments

European & Exotic vehicles are known for providing drivers with smooth driving experiences but with such precision performance, there is a small margin for error when it comes to things impacting your experience. Maintaining your car’s alignment is key to making sure your car doesn’t suffer from issues like accelerated tire wear & tear or damages to your axels. At Oldwick Village Garage, we specialize in helping European & Exotic auto owners in the Tewksbury area with high-quality wheel alignment maintenance & services.

Brands We Service

We understand that each make & model has unique service requirements when it comes to their alignments to maintain high-quality performance. At Oldwick Village Garage, we keep our shop fully updated with the latest factory-grade tools & equipment available to service all models of:

Our ASE certified mechanics will make sure that your car’s alignment is always properly maintained, working with you to find a service schedule that fits your car’s needs, your budget, & your convenience.

How to Identify a Bad Alignment

If your wheels are out of alignment, you’ll likely begin to notice one or more different symptoms and dips in your car’s performance, including:

  • Vehicle Pulling to One Side
  • Car Shakes or Vibrates
  • Bumpier Than Usual Ride
  • Uneven or Excessive Tire Wear
  • Steering Wheel Doesn’t Stay Straight

While these are only a few of the most common issues you may encounter, our team has the knowledge and years of experience to make sure any problems are identified quickly & properly repaired the first time. This means no repeat visits and you can get back out on the roads faster with a car you can trust.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If your car’s alignment seems off or you’d like to schedule a service appointment, please visit Oldwick Village Garage today. Located in Tewksbury, we are also the go-to shop today for drivers from all throughout surrounding areas including:

Please give us a call or come by our shop today to schedule an appointment or with any additional questions for our mechanics.