European Auto Suspension Experts in Tewksbury

The disrepair of so many New Jersey roads can wreak havoc on your car’s suspension, which in turn will also undermine your steering. In high-performance luxury cars, this is an even bigger problem as your powerful engine now isn’t under control. A compromised suspension can lead to other damages in the car or worse so it’s important to stay on top of your car’s service schedule and to have your suspension checked regularly. At Oldwick Village Garage, we help repair European & Exotic vehicles quickly and cost-effectively, for drivers all throughout Tewksbury and the Oldwick Village areas.

Brands We Service

At Oldwick Village Garage we specialize in suspension services and repairs for the area’s most popular European and Exotic vehicles:

Our shop always uses the latest factory-grade tools & equipment so that we can ensure accurate, high-quality services with every visit. Our certified mechanics have decades of experience working with these vehicles and will always help you get the most out of every service appointment.

Suspension Repairs Include

  • Broken shock absorbers
  • Broken sway bar
  • Damaged power steering
  • Fluid leaks in hydraulic systems
  • Damaged or flat tires
  • Broken wheels

Timely maintenance of your suspension and steering systems can save you a considerable amount of time, money, and frustration. Our mechanics will check your shock absorbers and struts during every maintenance service, we also replace your shocks any time there is signs of wear and tear.

Signs Your Suspension Needs Repair

When you shock absorbers take a pounding, you can expensive some disconcerting reactions to bumps or sudden braking such as:

  • Bouncing
  • Nose-diving
  • Wandering
  • Shaking

It’s better to deal with these problems early before they become obvious. If you’re starting to notice issues with your suspension, it’s better to call & schedule repairs as soon as possible to prevent long-term issues or performance problems.

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Located in Tewksbury in the Oldwick Village area, the team at Oldwick Village Garage also help drivers from surrounding areas like:

If your car’s suspension is acting up or with any other questions for our European auto experts, please call or visit our shop today. Our friendly staff is always here to help however we can.