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When you bought a luxury car for quality performance, you likely didn’t expect hard starts, knocking & pinging, sluggish acceleration, and poor gas mileage. All these problems can be traced back to a faltering fuel injection system. Today’s advanced fuel injectors require high-quality services & maintenance to continue performing at the level you expect. At Oldwick Village Garage in the Oldwick Village area of Tewksbury, our certified mechanics use the latest computer diagnostics to diagnose any fuel injection issues. We diagnose and repair issues faster and make sure that your European or Exotic vehicle continues performing at the high level you expect.

Brands We Service

At Oldwick Village Garage our certified mechanics specialize in the area’s most popular European & Exotic vehicles:

With decades of experience, our friendly staff knows exactly what your car needs to continue to perform its’ best.

Common Fuel Injector System Problems

Fuel injectors can often cause problems with your car when they’re dirty or have a component that is failing. Symptoms of these problems include:

  • Long cranking condition
  • Check engine light staying on
  • Poor engine performance
  • Surging and bucking
  • Black smoke emissions
  • Engine misfires

Left unattended, these problems can cause you to fail emissions inspections and can even lead to engine failure. Our shop also uses a fuel injection system cleaning machine for the appropriate conditions and types of fuel systems. There’s no reason to put up with less than optimal driving conditions or overworking and straining your engine. If you’re noticing these signs or any other dips in performance, it’s important to reach out to our mechanics early to prevent larger issues.

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