NJ Emissions Repair Facility Services Your European Luxury Car

Certified mechanics perform quality repairs

As the days were running down on your inspection sticker, you made time in your busy schedule to go into an inspection station. You thought it would just be a formality, but then the results came back. Your beautiful European luxury car failed inspection! Now your car is tagged as a polluter and you need the problem solved. But where should you go for repairs? Under New Jersey law your vehicle must be repaired at a state-licensed Emission Repair Facility (ERF), or you have to repair it yourself. But not just any ERF can perform quality repairs on your make and model. Fortunately, Oldwick Village Garage is both an ERF and a place where certified specialists perform expert repairs on many popular luxury cars, including Bmw, Mercedes, Porsche, VW/Audi, Jaguar/Rover and Exotics. If your vehicle has failed inspection, we can get you back on the road quickly and cost-effectively.

Licensed NJ Emission Repair Facility

Oldwick Village Garage has met all the requirements for licensing as a N.J. Emission Repair Facility. To register as an ERF, a garage must employ at least one certified Emission Repair Technician. The garage owner must be at least 18 years old. Moreover, all owners, partners or principal executive officers of the business must pass a criminal background check and child support background check. Since during emissions testing the State electronically captures emission repair data, an ERF must have a computer with internet access to submit repair information on the New Jersey Vehicle Inspection Portal.

As for the mechanics performing repairs, they must have Emissions Repair Technician (ERT) certification. Mechanics can earn certification either of two ways:

  • Testing – Mechanics who have current and valid Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification are eligible to demonstrate their knowledge by passing a series of tests on electrical systems and various engines. They must also successfully complete the New Jersey Specific Information Course or a New Jersey approved Inspector Training Course.
  • Education – Mechanics must complete a state-approved Emissions Technician Education Program (ETEP) training curriculum and the New Jersey Specific Information Course or an approved Inspector Training Course.

Once a mechanic receives an ERT certification, it is valid for five years. All of our ERT certified mechanics are diligent about keeping their certification up to date.

Our mechanics are also certified to work on your luxury vehicle

In addition to being certified as emissions repair technicians, our mechanics are also specialists certified to effect repairs on a wide variety of European luxury automobiles. You can be confident that your car is getting the best possible care.

Today’s vehicles are equipped with On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) systems that assist in the vehicle inspection process by allowing for a quick computer analysis of engine-related problems that might be contributing to harmful emissions. We use factory-specific software to pinpoint your vehicle’s engine problems, so we can make repairs in a timely fashion.

Let our licensed emissions repair technicians fix your luxury car’s smog problem

Oldwick Village Garage is a licensed Emission Repair Facility servicing all makes and models, but specializing in luxury European automobiles. Our certified specialists provide highly professional and courteous service that fixes your emission problem and gets your car back on the road. Call us today at (908) 439-2236 to schedule an appointment.