ISTA computer diagnostics
GT1 computer diagnostics
Walnut carbon blasting for direct injection
Oil filter housing and oil cooler leak repair
Electronic water pump and thermostat repair
Battery coding into vehicle
Engine oil pan reseal
Vanos diagnostics
IBS cable repair


XENTRY computer diagnostics
Air suspension repair
Timing chain repair
Electronic steering lock and ignition switch repair
Diesel particulate filter cleaning
Mechanical fuel injection repair
Diesel engine carbon blasting


PEWISS 2 computer diagnostics
PEWISS 2 computer diagnostics
Engine out overhaul late model
Air cooled engine out oil leak reseal
Engine out timing chain repair
IMS bearing replacement
CIS fuel injection repair
Tech Inspection


VAS computer diagnostics
ODIS computer diagnostics
Carbon blasting for direct injection
Timing belt service
Camshaft replacement
High pressure fuel pump diagnostics

SDD computer diagnostics
Testbook computer diagnostics
Air suspension diagnostics
Alarm system repairs
High pressure fuel pump diagnostics
Steering column replacement
Defender 90 and 110 repair
Engine overhaul for Defenders and late model
Gearbox and differential repair


Ferrari engine out service
Ferrari “sticky button” repair
Vas Bentley Diagnostics
erWin Bentley Diagnostics
Ista Rolls Royce Diagnostics
Factory scheduled maintenance
Low profile tire replacement