VSP Registered Luxury European Car Key Replacement in Tewksbury

High-tech electronic keys are not only incredibly convenient, they also enhance safety by allowing drivers to unlock and illuminate their cars at a distance and can even sound a panic alarm from a distance. But if your key is lost or stops functioning, you can’t just get a quick replacement for a few dollars at a hardware store. Electronic keys are very expensive with dealers often charging hundreds of dollars for a replacement. At Oldwick Village Garage, we’re enrolled in the Vehicle Security Registry of the National Automobile Task Force. This means we can get drivers throughout Tewksbury and surrounding areas a new key quickly, and at a good price.

Brands We Offer Replacement Keys For

Common Problems with Electronic Car Keys

With remote keyless entry systems (RKE) and remote keyless ignition systems (RKI) drivers don’t even have to insert a key into a lock to use their car. These keys are programmed with codes the car must recognize and batteries in the fob and sensors in the ignition system need to be fully operational. Today, the most common problems with electronic keys include:

  • Depleted fob batteries
  • Worn out fob buttons
  • Lost keys
  • Broken keys

While many shops and dealerships often charge premiums for a replacement key and to program it into the vehicle, our mechanics can diagnose the problem quickly and replace your key fast & at a reasonable price.

Service You Can Trust

For years the mechanics at Oldwick Village Garage in Oldwick Village has helped drivers throughout the Tewksbury area and surrounding cities including:

If you need a replace key, call or visit us today and avoid paying the high premiums of a dealership!