Certified Mechanics Perform Expert Engine Repair and Replacement

Skilled service for luxury and classic cars, especially European models

Old school drivers remember when there were only a few lights on the dashboard and they only indicated the obvious. The oil light came on when you’d gone far too long without a change. The battery icon would light up to announce problems with the charging system, which you’d already gathered from the fact the engine wouldn’t turn over. But today’s engines are wired with much greater sophistication, tipping you off to the first sign of trouble. Or sending false alarms that get you needlessly agitated. Ignoring your engine’s sensors invites disaster, but your sensors could be acting up themselves, so they shouldn’t get the last word. To really know what’s going on with your luxury car, you need to consult a skilled but trustworthy mechanic at Oldwick Village Garage to properly diagnose your complaint.

Advanced diagnostics help pinpoint your engine’s problems

When a sensor indicates an engine, there are two possibilities: a problem with the engine polluting or a problem with the sensors malfunctioning. Unfortunately, an unscrupulous mechanic can take advantage of a malfunction light issue to charge you for unnecessary work. But at Oldwick Village Garage, we perform thorough manufacturer-specific computer diagnostics, so we can easily discern if there is an actual engine issue, a sensor malfunction, or possible wiring problem. Using sophisticated diagnostics helps with providing appropriate test plans and provides needed technical information, making our diagnoses timely and cost-effective. Our process also assures you only get the work you need. We don’t do any guessing here when it comes to repairs. We diagnose a problem and determine exactly what is causing the customer’s complaint. A lot of shops are not experts and will make guesses. Making best guesses and replacing parts until a problem is fixed. This wastes time and worst of all wastes your money.

Certified mechanics address engine complaints

A common engine complaint is misfiring most commonly from a failing ignition coil or fuel injector. Left untreated, the problem can cause damage to numerous engine parts, including your costly catalytic convertor. Various makes and models of luxury autos have their own eccentric problems. Problems that are common to all modern luxury cars include:

  • Frequent Tire Replacement
  • Tire pressure monitor sensors failing or simple pressure adjustments
  • Ignition coil failure
  • Oil and Coolant Leaks
  • Steering and suspension component wear
  • Electronic computer module failures
  • Electronic water pump failures
  • Carbon buildup on intake valves
  • Rodent damage, specifically chewed through wires

Ignoring these problems puts added strain on your vehicle. Fortunately, Oldwick Village Garage can treat your car expertly and cost-effectively. Our mechanics are certified to service luxury European cars, such as your Bmw, Mercedes, Porsche, VW/Audi, Jaguar/Rover and Exotics. We know the ins and outs of these engines, so our repairs are timely and efficient. We’re even prepared to perform a complete engine replacement or overhaul for your car if a catastrophic engine failure occurs.

Quality, manufacturer parts for your European luxury car

In addition to the skill and integrity of your mechanic, a successful engine repair depends on using the proper high quality parts. At Oldwick Village Garage, we are committed to using only manufacturer-approved parts in our repairs. But unlike other auto repair shops, we specialize in luxury European and high end vehicles. Other shops can have difficulty locating and obtaining the parts you need, so your car can remain out of commission for a ridiculously long period. At Oldwick we get parts deliveries multiple times a day from almost all of our vendors. We also have experience and knowledge of where to find uncommon parts and information. This means less down time for your car now, even if you need a complete replacement, and a much longer span of time before additional repairs are needed. Daily driven cars we try to return to customers the same day they are dropped off for service.

Get specialized care for your luxury European engine

The engine of your luxury or classic car deserves the finest service and the best parts available. Oldwick Village Garage specializes in European makes and models, so we can perform the necessary diagnostics, and skillfully repair your car using only manufacturer-approved parts. Call us today at (908) 439-2236 to schedule an appointment.