Complete Fuel Injection Service for Luxury European Cars

Maintain your engine’s peak performance with our skilled attention

When you bought a luxury car for its performance, you didn’t expect hard starts, knocking and pinging, sluggish acceleration, and poor gas mileage. But all those problems could be traced to a faltering fuel injection system. Today’s advanced fuel injectors require highly professional servicing. At Oldwick Village Garage, our certified mechanics can perform manufacturer-specific computer diagnostics on your car to diagnose the problem. If your fuel injector system needs service, we can effect repairs quickly and cost effectively.

Common problems with fuel injector systems

When they were first introduced to the automotive industry in the 1980s, Electronic fuel injectors represented a great advance over the old carburetor system. Fuel injectors need to be serviced far less often because they keep a better balance of air to fuel entering the engine. However, fuel injectors often cause problems when they are dirty or failing. The symptoms of these problems include:

  • Long cranking condition
  • Check engine light
  • Poor engine performance
  • Surging and bucking
  • Black smoke emissions
  • Engine Misfires

Left unattended, these problems can cause you to fail your emission inspection and even lead to catastrophic engine failure. A proper diagnostic check is in order. There are some products marketed as gasoline additives that claim to be able to clean and unclog your system. Some are effective as preventatives, but none are going to reverse a serious problem. Once you experience these symptoms, you need professional service. We have a fuel injection system cleaning machine that can be used for the appropriate conditions and types of fuel systems. We can send out mechanical fuel injectors for vintage vehicles to be cleaned and checked.

Another way your fuel system can fail is a leaking injector. A leak can cause all of the symptoms listed above, but can also cause:

  • Oil thinning – A fuel injector that leaks out fuel when the engine is off will dump fuel into the cylinders. This will dilute your engine oil. Loss of oil viscosity can cause unnecessary wear and reduce overall engine life.
  • Hydro lock – Flooding of the cylinders can stop you cold and eventually lead to catastrophic engine failure. Liquids cannot be compressed and will seize an engine if ingested in large quantities it cannot vaporize.

You might also notice fuel odors in or around the car. This is a possible sign of an external fuel leak which is a fire hazard and dangerous. Any part of your fuel system can fail from the pumps inside the vehicle to hoses underneath chassis to injectors on the engine. Any distinct fuel odor you believe is coming from your vehicle could be unsafe and the vehicle should be towed in for repair.

Certified mechanics perform skilled maintenance on various fuel injector systems

Depending on the make and year of your car, you may have a mechanical or electronic fuel injector. Our mechanics are certified to work on a wide variety of European luxury automobiles, including Bmw, Mercedes, Porsche, VW/Audi, Jaguar/Rover and Exotics. We can service all fuel injection systems including mechanical, multiport, and modern style direct injected vehicles.

We can perform a thorough fuel injection cleaning service. If replacement parts or systems are necessary, you can trust us to use only manufacturer-approved parts, which we can access readily, so you don’t have to worry about extended waits. Most modern fuel injectors have to be programmed into the engine control module after replacement. This is something we can do with our factory diagnostic equipment.

There’s no reason to put up with substandard performance that could be straining other parts of your engine, or with hazardous conditions that could be putting you and your passengers at risk. Book an appointment with Oldwick Village Garage for timely, cost-effective service of your fuel injector system.

Get specialized fuel injection service for your European luxury car

Don’t put up with substandard performance that could eventually ruin your engine. Protect your investment in your luxury auto with timely and effective service from Oldwick Village Garage. Our certified mechanics specialize in European makes and models, including Bmw, Mercedes, Porsche, VW/Audi, Jaguar/Rover and Exotics. We can promptly analyze the problem, and skillfully repair your fuel injection components using only manufacturer-approved parts. Call us today at (908) 439-2236 to schedule an appointment.