VSP Registered Mechanics Assist with Luxury Car Key Replacement

Reliable and prompt service for high-tech electronic keys

High-tech electronic keys are not only incredibly convenient; they enhance safety by allowing drivers to unlock and illuminate their cars at a distance, and even sound a panic alarm at the first sign of trouble. But if a key is lost or simply stops functioning, you can’t get a quick replacement for a few dollars at the local hardware store. Electronic keys can be very expensive, with some dealers charging hundreds of dollars for a replacement. Fortunately, Oldwick Village Garage is enrolled in the Vehicle Security Registry of the National Automobile Service Task Force, so we can get you a new key quickly and at a good price. We can also order and replace any and all Theft Related Parts which includes multiple common control modules and ignition system components.

Common problems with electronic car keys

In the days of mechanical keys, problems were simple and so were the solutions. If the key was lost or broken, you could have a new key cut. Today, remote keyless entry systems (RKE) unlock the doors, and remote keyless ignition systems (RKI) start the engine, so drivers don’t even have to insert a mechanical key into a lock. Of course, these keys are programmed with codes the car must recognize, and batteries in the fob and sensors in the ignition system must be fully operational. Today, the most common problems with electronic keys include:

  • Depleted fob batteries – Remote keyless entry fobs work by emitting a radio frequency with a designated, distinct digital identity code. But, your fob may no longer have the necessary voltage to send the signal to your car. A simple battery replacement may be all you need. Some key fobs have replaceable batteries while others will need a whole key replacement.
  • Worn fob buttons – After extended use, the internal mechanism of the fob can wear down, so the necessary connection is not being made. A new key would be needed for this complaint.
  • Lost or broken keys – When you need a replacement key, you can get one from the dealer, but the cost is usually quite high. You could choose to purchase an aftermarket replacement key, but it may or may not work with your vehicle.

If you have a problem with your electronic key, many repair shops and dealerships act like they’ve got you over a barrel, charging a premium for a replacement and costly labor time to program the key into the vehicle. But you can trust the certified mechanics at Oldwick Village Garage to diagnose the problem and, if necessary, replace your key quickly, efficiently, and at a reasonable price.

Member of the NASTF Automotive Locksmith Registry

The National Automotive Service Task Force set up the Automotive Locksmith Registry/ Vehicle Security Registry to protect consumers in this age of digital information sharing. The Registry lists professionals who have been screened, including a criminal background check, and have met the eligibility requirements to receive key codes, PINs, immobilizer reset codes and other information needed to program a car’s keyless entry and keyless ignition systems.

Our mechanics at Oldwick Village Garage are registered with NASTF, and we have manufacturer-specific diagnostic programs on our computers. So, we can quickly access information direct from the manufacturer’s secure website, including makers of Bmw, Mercedes, Porsche, VW/Audi, Jaguar/Rover and Exotics. Within seconds, we have the information we need to order any theft related part including new keys and electronic modules.

Get quick and secure electronic key replacement for your European luxury car

At Oldwick Village Garage, we take the hassle and the unreasonable expense out of getting a replacement key for your keyless remote entry or keyless remote ignition system. Our certified mechanics are registered with the NATSF as vehicle security professionals, so you can trust that your car’s information remains secure. Call us today at (908) 439-2236 to schedule an appointment.