Oldwick is a very unique small town

Oldwick is a very unique, small town located in the township of Tewksbury, in Hunterdon County. Oldwick is a quaint village with many historic homes, horse farms, and a few agricultural farms. The town has less than 100 buildings in it most of which are zoned historic.

The village is extremely small having only one bar, restaurant, deli, and gas station! The combination of both mountainous terrain and very strict historic zoning has contributed to creating some of the most beautiful and preserved landscape in all of New Jersey. Oldwick is only about 45 miles to Manhattan allowing past and present residents to reside or take up a second home in the countryside. The Zion Lutheran church of Oldwick is the oldest Lutheran church in NJ, dating back to 1749.

The town was originally called New Germantown until about 1918 when residents decided to rename it because of the poor sentiment associated with World War I. They changed the name to Oldwick which means “Old Village”. Melick’s farm which is also on Main Street is widely known and customers come as far as NYC to go apple and pumpkin picking. The Melick family dates back to the 1700’s in this town and still live and work here. Cecil Beaver purchased the property that The Oldwick Garage is on for $500 dollars in about 1941, and built the garage that we are using today. The Oldwick Village Garage has performing high-end auto repair since the mid 1970’s and remains the only gas station in town.