Quality Maintenance and Repairs for Your Porsche

Certified specialists with knowledge of your high-performance sports car

According to the manufacturer, “a Porsche is more than just a vehicle. It is an expression of freedom and a unique attitude to life. It is the realization of a unique dream.” Since 1949, Porsche owners have appreciated the form, function, and performance of a line of sports cars built for everyday use. But using a high-performance vehicle as your commuter car means constant wear and tear. Sticking to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and being proactive about repairs can add to the life of your Porsche Boxster, 911, Panamera, Macan, or Cayenne. But, you’ve got to take your Porsche to the right mechanic.

At Oldwick Village Garage, we are certified specialists in Porsche maintenance and repair. We use factory-specific software to perform computer diagnostics so we can quickly ascertain where a problem lies, and make the necessary repair. By managing your Porsche problems in a timely manner, you keep your unique dream on the road and your maintenance costs in check.

Common problems that could sideline your Porsche

If you enjoy expressing your freedom in your Porsche, you’re probably reluctant to put your “unique attitude to life” in the shop. But, if you don’t respond to early symptoms of trouble, you could soon be looking at a major system failure and its crippling cost. Consult our Porsche specialist when you detect signs of:

  • IMS Bearing – Intermediate shaft bearing was an engineering weak point and common to fail. For sports car model years 2002-2005 had the highest failure rate. When this bearing fails it typically happens with no warning signs and will ruin your engine. We like to replace these proactively before they can fail. If you have a manual transmission this is a good time to replace the clutch.
  • Coolant leaks – Hoses, radiators, and water pumps are all known to leak coolant especially when cold.
  • Oil Leaks – Prior to 1998 all Porsche engines were air cooled. These engines were assembled in layers like a cake. Each layer has its own oil seals, gaskets, and sealant. Over time these seals will fail or degrade causing many places for oil to leak. On these models an engine out service will be required to fix. The engine needs to be disassembled and resealed. This type of work is a lost art and we have been doing this service for many years here.
  • Slow cranking condition – Poor engine grounds can cause resistance to the starter motor making it harder for it to operate and weaken over time. Starter motors on the V8 engines are known to have coolant leaking on them which can also make them fail.
  • Check Engine light illuminated – Ignition coil and variable valve timing components are common to fail. Worn timing chain components can put check engine lights on. Variable valve timing adjusting units on V8 engines can catastrophically fail and can damage your engine. Fortunately Porsche issued a recall on this.
  • Heavy clutch pedal – If you have a manual transmission 911 Turbo and experience a heavy clutch, the problem could be in your pressure-accumulator, which is designed to retain hydraulic pressure after the engine has stopped. This will make the clutch pedal very hard to push down especially on start up.
  • Transmission issues – Transfer cases are known to wear out on the SUV models and cause a shutter when turning in parking lots. Changing fluid in all transfer cases is key to longevity. Shifter couplings wear out on air cooled sports cars and will make changing gears feel loose. Shift forks in manual transmissions can bend making gear changes hard. Changing fluid in Porsche’s PDK transmission is extremely important to maximize life and is recommended to be done every 40,000 miles.

We have successfully addressed these problems and many others involving leaking coolant pipes, failed fuel pumps, drive shaft support failure, squealing brakes, uneven tire wear, and many, many other problems. Whether come to us for scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs, our certified mechanics get the work done right and get your Porsche back on the road.

Contact our certified specialists for expert service on your Porsche

At Oldwick Village Garage, we understand what a Porsche means to the men and women who drive them. Once you’ve driven your dream car, no other vehicle will do. Our certified specialists perform repairs professionally with quality parts to get you back on the road in no time. Call us today at (908) 439-2236 to schedule an appointment.