Oldwick Village Garage protects your investment in your dream car

If you have your eyes on a pre-owned luxury vehicle, asking a qualified mechanic to perform a pre-purchase inspection is essential. Buying a used car is always a gamble, but it’s even riskier when the asking price is high and the cost to remediate problems is potentially much higher. The bumper-to-bumper inspection that Oldwick Village Garage performs on the vehicle prior to purchase can give you peace of mind as you sign the pink slip, or warn you off a lemon that could suck your wallet dry.

A common problem with luxury car resales is that glamour can cover a multitude of sins. Luxury and classic car aficionados often have an emotional connection to a make and model that overrides their ability to dispassionately assess the single specimen in front of them. If you’re far too excited to have finally found a 1982 Porsche 911sc, 2006 Bmw M3 or 2008 Ferrari F430, your rose-colored glasses could cast some glare on your visual inspection. You might even be deaf to faint rumblings in the engine that you’d easily detect in a late-model Civic.

There’s a saying that “eye appeal is half the deal,” but it might be as much as 90 percent when you think you’ve finally found “your baby.” Sellers know that classic and luxury car buyers can let their emotions get ahead of them, and they factor that enthusiasm into the asking price. Without a stone-cold, objective look under the hood, you not only have no bargaining power, but you could be lulled into a transaction you will soon regret.

Comprehensive pre-purchase inspection gives buyers peace of mind

The better move is to ask Oldwick Village Garage for a complete inspection of all potential areas of concern, including:

  • Body and Paint condition-Check for any collision repairs
  • Braking system Function
  • Engine performance, condition, and originality
  • Cooling System condition and check for leaks
  • Maintenance History Check
  • Check Steering and Suspension for wear
  • Transmission operation and condition
  • Check interior for condition and wear
  • Compression and leak down test if required

We put the car up on the lift and perform a detailed visual inspection(We test drive vehicle first to check for any obvious issues with steering, suspension, tires, brakes, transmission, or poor running condition, . Finally, we use the appropriate advanced computer diagnostics to detect any potential underlying problems. Our fees for the inspection are very reasonable, usually costing 157.50. Considering the costs to repair any car whether it’s a modern daily driver or a classic, a pre-purchase inspection is an investment any buyer should take on.

When you purchase a pre-owned vehicle, you know you’re not getting a brand new vehicle. But any repairs or upgrades should be factored into the purchase price. When you bring the vehicle to us for a bumper-to-bumper, in-depth examination, we can advise you on the condition of key components that could be costly to replace. In the case of classic cars, the parts you may need can be very hard to come by. But even for late-model luxury vehicles, replacement parts and repairs can be expensive. Considering the risk you take when you invest in a classic or luxury vehicle, you can’t afford not to have the car inspected.

Insist on an inspection after purchase, if necessary

Of course, it’s understandable that you don’t want to miss the opportunity to close the deal before the car goes to another buyer. Sellers may refuse any demands for a comprehensive mechanic’s inspection prior to purchase. However, you can make the sale contingent on the vehicle passing an inspection. Get that stipulation in writing to protect your rights, and then bring the car to us.

Protect your investment with a pre-purchase inspection of your classic or luxury car

Don’t make a deal in haste and pay for endless repairs afterwards. Oldwick Village Garage, specializing in European makes and models, performs pre-purchase inspections for all types of classic and luxury vehicles. Before you finalize a purchase, let us carefully examine all the important components. Call us today at (908) 439-2236 to schedule an appointment.