Oldwick Village Mechanics Perform Scheduled Maintenance

Prolonging the life of your luxury auto and protecting your investment from depreciation

If you’ve made a significant investment in a luxury automobile, it only makes sense to protect that investment through a prudent schedule of preventative maintenance. This routine, known as factory scheduled maintenance, or 30/60/100K etc. maintenance, has numerous benefits:

  • Retain the value of your car
  • Catch small problems before they become big ones
  • Prolong the life of your vehicle and components
  • Comply with the terms of your warranty
  • Keep your car in safe running condition

But it’s also important to choose the right mechanics to perform the maintenance. At Oldwick Village Garage, we are specialists in European luxury vehicles, such as Porsche, Bmw, Mercedes, Bentley, Rolls Royce, VW/Audi, and Rover/Jaguar, and have factory-specific computer diagnostics to assist us.

Maintenance means more than oil changes

When it comes to preserving the value of your luxury automobile, changing the oil every 5000-10000 miles is the very least you can do. Factory scheduled maintenance also includes:

  • Belts and hose inspections
  • Safety inspection
  • Brake service and inspection
  • Replacing engine and cabin air filters
  • Check of all fluids (brake, coolant, transmission, steering etc.)
  • Replacing spark plugs
  • Fill Diesel Exhaust Fluid for Diesel Models
  • Tire rotation and balance and air pressure check
  • Read out all computers with diagnostic tool for unknown failing items that could leave you stranded or develop into large problems

We understand that regular maintenance every 7500-15000 miles may strike some owners as overkill. After all, if you’re driving the car regularly, putting it in the shop is an inconvenience, especially when it seems unnecessary. Fortunately, our skilled team of luxury car specialists are also quite could at adhering to a schedule, and can get your in and out in a reasonable amount of time, making maintenance well worth your while.

Failing to adhere to a maintenance schedule can void your warranty

Treating factory scheduled maintenance as optional can have serious consequences, not the least of which is the loss of warranty protection. Your luxury automobile warranty is a valuable financial asset. It protects you from expensive repair bills by operating under the presumption that when parts or systems fail, the fault lies with the manufacturer. But when you fail to maintain the car, the dealer could assert that your negligence caused the problem.

You don’t need the dealer to do your factory schedule maintenance

A common reason not to perform maintenance is the inconvenient location of the dealer. But your warranty does not require you to take the car to the dealer for maintenance. Any qualified mechanic can perform the job, and you won’t find finer mechanics anywhere in New Jersey than at Oldwick Village Garage. Our specialists can keep your luxury car running smoothly, and keep you in compliance with the terms of your warranty.

Protect your investment with factory-scheduled maintenance of your luxury car

Don’t sacrifice the value of your luxury automobile by being lax about its maintenance. Oldwick Village Garage, our mechanics are certified specialists in the maintenance of exotic European automobiles. We are the place for the finest available maintenance services for your Bmw, Mercedes, Porsche, VW/Audi, Jaguar/Rover and Exotics. Call us today at (908) 439-2236 to schedule an appointment.