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The Volvo car brand is a legend born of necessity. The Swedish company started production in 1929 because other automobiles were not tough enough or safe enough for the harsh Scandinavian winters and rugged roads. What emerged was a world-class line of automobiles known for their practicality and enhanced safety features. Today, Volvo has evolved to offer a more stylish selection of cars known for spacious interiors, versatility, and, of course, safety.

When your Volvo needs servicing, it’s important to see a mechanic who knows the make and has experience with your model. At Oldwick Village Garage, our mechanics are certified specialists in numerous European luxury cars, including Volvo. We use factory-specific software to perform computer diagnostics that quickly pinpoint your problems. We use OEM parts, and effect repairs in a timely manner, at a reasonable price.

Common problems with Volvo automobiles

At Oldwick Village Garage, we perform regularly scheduled maintenance and repairs on a variety of Volvo models, including sedans, wagons, crossovers and SUVs. We have experience with a variety of common problems that tend to affect Volvos, such as:

  • Transmission and Drivetrain – Rough shifting is not unusual and may be a precursor to transmission failure, which often happens sooner rather than later. Diagnosing the problem early can stave off a more expensive repair or complete transmission replacement. There is a small coupler that connects the transmission to the transfer case that can wear out turning your All Wheel Drive vehicle into a two wheel drive vehicle. The propeller shaft and front C.V. Joints are also known to wear out.
  • Check engine light illumination – When a check engine light comes on it means your engine may be polluting. Any sensor on your engine can signal the check engine light. Common check engine light failures for Volvo are for degrading oxygen sensors, engine air leaks, misfires, evap system leaks, and catalytic convertors failing.
  • Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) warning light illumination – ABS prevents your wheels from locking up under sudden braking, reducing the chance of your car sliding uncontrollably. It does this by rapidly applying and releasing the brakes while you depress the pedal. The brakes can be pulsed on and off up to 20 times in a single second. If the ABS control module fails, the traction and stability control systems can be disabled leaving you without the safety-enhancing features of ABS. Sometimes the speedometer will also stop working and the Check Engine light may come on.
  • Engine Vibrations – Worn motor mounts can cause this issue. You might also experience a clunk when you shift the transmission into gear. The torque rod on top of the engine can wear and create noises and a noticeable vibration when accelerating.
  • Ignition – Ignition coils are known to fail and cause misfires. Spark plugs will wear out over time causing poor performance.
  • SRS light illuminates – Volvo’s Safety Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) consists of seat belt pre-tensioners, front airbags, side impact airbags, a front passenger occupant weight sensor, and inflatable curtains. The SRS control module monitors all these components. If an SRS warning light remains lit after you turn the engine on, or lights up while you are driving, you should immediately let one of our trained mechanics inspect your vehicle.
  • PCV failure – The PCV system or “oil trap” as Volvo calls it, is a common failing item on their engine. This can clog up and pressurize the engine causing severe oil leaks. It can also split open, sucking unmetered air into the engine making the engine run poor. This will also put the check engine light on.

These are just some of the difficulties our customers have experienced with Volvo models. We’ve also handled issues with steering and suspension, the air-conditioning system and just about every other system and component. Whether you’re looking for scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs, our certified mechanics are ready to get the work done right and get you back on the road.

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