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If you own a Volkswagen, you are driving a high-quality, European-engineered vehicle. Although Volkswagens are durable and long-lasting automobiles, mechanical breakdowns can occur at any time. One of the frequent issues that Volkswagen owners may face is wheel bearing failure.

A wheel bearing failure is a mechanical problem that should have been handled immediately by a skilled Volkswagen mechanic. You have to pay close attention to your car and be aware of any new problems. There are various indications that alert drivers to approaching wheel bearing failure in a Volkswagen, allowing you to address the issue before it gets worse.

How is a faulty wheel bearing identified?

Modern automobiles rely heavily on technology. Modern automobiles, such as all of those constructed after 1997, have a single bearing or hub assembly linked to each wheel. The wheel hub assembly consists of wheel studs, which connect the wheels of a car to the entire car. It is attached to the steering and suspension system at the front of the automobile, as well as the rear axle in the back.

In reality, the wheel bearing in the single hub assembly is intended to last the full lifespan of the vehicle, but, like any other mechanical element, it can suffer from wear, causing it to the entire wheel. Several driving circumstances might cause damage to the car’s wheel bearing.


One of the factors that can make your vehicle’s wheel bearing go bad is a collision or accident. Any form of collision on your Volkswagen will send some shock to the wheel bearing, thereby leading to faster wear of the bearing.

Hitting potholes and curbs

Aside from major car collisions, speeding over speed bumps, potholes and curbs can have a devastating effect on your car’s wheel bearing. In fact, the entire suspension system is at risk here.

Although the wheel bearing was built to withstand a lot of impact or abuse, they are sometimes disregarded during regular maintenance or when other elements of the suspension system such as struts, shocks, coils, tires, and wheels, are being fixed or changed. When a bearing is bad or starts displaying indications of premature wear, it will alert the driver to the problem with different warning signs.

Wheel Bearing Failure Symptoms

A failed wheel bearing can be spotted by a number of indicators. If you detect any of these issues, you should have your vehicle inspected by a trained Volkswagen mechanic.

A loud noise from the wheel or tire area

A faulty wheel bearing can lead to a problem in the wheel hub assembly. This component will produce a metal-on-metal grinding sound that sounds like a roar, indicating that the bearing is worn out. The sound may be deceptive, and you may be unable to establish which bearing is failing. If one side of the wheel hub assembly fails, replace both sides on that same axle.


If your steering wheel vibrates at low speeds and increases vibration as you accelerate your Volkswagen, you most likely have a bad wheel bearing. While driving, navigating dips, or making curves, the steering may seem loose.

The Dangers of Faulty Wheel Bearings

It is quite risky if your car has a faulty wheel bearing. You should not drive the car until the wheel bearing is repaired since it might endanger your life and that of other road users. If the bearing breaks fully while you are going at high speeds, it might result in a tragic collision. If you want to drive the car to the repair shop, drive slowly.

Best Volkswagen Wheel Bearing Repair In Oldwick

If you think your car has a wheel bearing problem Volkswagen Wheel Bearing Repair or you have noticed any of the symptoms mentioned above, then you need to quickly call the attention of a qualified mechanic. At Oldwick Village Garage, we have been providing professional car repairs in the area for over two decades. We have years of experience working on different Volkswagen models or other European vehicles. We serve car owners in the Oldwick and Tewksbury, NJ area.

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