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Category Archives: Land Rover Repair

Land Rover Noise Issue

Troubleshoot Your Land Rover’s Noise Issues in Tewksbury

Are you hearing strange noises coming from your Land Rover? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! Many Land Rover owners experience noise issues at some point during the life of their vehicle. These noises can be annoying and sometimes even indicate underlying problems that need to be addressed. Let’s look at… Read More »

Land Rover Idler Pulley

The Leading Oldwick Repair Shop to Fix a Land Rover’s Idler Pulley Failure

One of the components in your Land Rover that can fail after some time is the idler pulley. An idler pulley maintains proper tension in the drive belt or serpentine belt, ensuring that it remains tight and doesn’t slip off the other pulleys. It is also responsible for guiding the… Read More »

Land Rover Low Oil Pressure Gauge

What Makes the Oil Pressure Switch Fail in a Land Rover?

Land Rovers are the perfect luxury vehicles for off roaders who love to explore different terrain. To enjoy your offroad trip, your vehicle has to be in its best condition. A problem with your oil pressure switch can cause trouble for your Land Rover and affect your planned adventure. When… Read More »

Land Rover Delayed Gear Change

Top Reasons for Transmission Failure in Your Land Rover

Depending on your driving habits and how well you stick to routine maintenance, your Land Rover’s transmission should last between 150,00 to 200,000 miles, or about seven years on average. The transmission system in your Land Rover is in charge of transferring power from your engine to your wheels for… Read More »

Reasons for an Intake Manifold Gasket Failure in a Land Rover

Land Rovers are known for being capable, powerful vehicles, but if your Land Rover’s intake manifold gasket fails, its power may disappear in a hurry. The gasket, which sits between your vehicle’s intake manifold and its cylinder head, plays a big role in preventing air from leaking out of the… Read More »

Land Rover Old Serpentine Belt

When to Replace the Serpentine Belt in Your Land Rover

Land Rover serpentine belt replacement may vary due to wear conditions. When the belt is left unchanged for an extended period, the belt may slit unexpectedly. This puts you and your vehicle at risk. Before the sudden break, the belt would show signs of wear. Before we discuss what signs… Read More »

Land Rover Tire

Master Technicians Offer Tire Services for Your Land Rover in Oldwick

The perfect combination of luxury and utility, Land Rovers offer a stylish but rugged driving experience. Whether your adventures occur off road or in the city, Land Rovers have the capabilities other luxury vehicles just can’t beat. It is essential that you keep your Land Rover’s tires in top working… Read More »

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