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Volkswagen Engine Misfire

Warning Signs of a Volkswagen’s Defective Timing Chain

The Volkswagen timing chain is a vital component of the engine, and it is responsible for synchronizing the rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft. The timing chain is located in the engine’s oil pan, and it is made up of a series of metal links. The Volkswagen timing chain is… Read More »

MINI Damaged Engine Mount

Repercussion of a Mini Engine Mount Failure: Advice from Certified Mechanics in Oldwick

The engine mounts in a MINI play an important role in the overall performance of the car. The engine mounts support the engine and help to keep it in place while the car is in motion. Additionally, they help to reduce vibration and noise from the engine, making for a… Read More »

Land Rover Low Oil Pressure Gauge

What Makes the Oil Pressure Switch Fail in a Land Rover?

Land Rovers are the perfect luxury vehicles for off roaders who love to explore different terrain. To enjoy your offroad trip, your vehicle has to be in its best condition. A problem with your oil pressure switch can cause trouble for your Land Rover and affect your planned adventure. When… Read More »

BMW Engine Overheating

Symptoms Of Engine Pressure Sensor Failure In Your BMW In Oldwick

BMWs are renowned the world over for their stylish looks, reliability, and fun driving experience, but like any other vehicle, it can and will experience its fair share of problems over the life of the car. While some of these issues can be avoided with regular maintenance, which of course… Read More »

MINI Faulty Air Conditioner

Expert Help in Oldwick for Troubleshooting Your Mini’s AC

The air conditioner is an essential part of your Mini model, designed to deliver premium comfort and a seamless driving experience. Although you can drive without the system, we can only imagine the discomfort you may have to endure during the brutal summer heat. While the air conditioner conditioning system… Read More »

Mercedes-Benz AMG Car

The Important Role of an Exhaust Pressure Sensor in a Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is one of the world’s leading automobile brands, whose models are made with beautiful exteriors and sophisticated interior designs. Every component is carefully constructed for maximum vehicle functionality, and these components must all be in excellent working condition for the vehicle to run smoothly. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are equipped with… Read More »

Jaguar Differential

Where to Go in Oldwick to Fix a Differential Failure in a Jaguar

Jaguars are undoubtedly one of the most desirable vehicle brands on the planet. The brand provides precise handling, superb performance, maximum power, and luxury comfort. Although Jaguars are well-known for their distinctive, smooth-riding suspension design, this does not automatically render them immune to the common issues that strike other automobile… Read More »

Volkswagen Engine Overheat

When to Replace the Coolant Temperature Sensor in a Volkswagen

Despite its reliability, a Volkswagen is susceptible to coolant temperature sensor failure. When the coolant temperature sensor fails, you may notice reduced fuel economy, increased emission, illuminated check engine light, overheating engine, stalling and poorly running engine. The coolant temperature sensor in your Volkswagen is located on the cylinder head… Read More »

Land Rover Delayed Gear Change

Top Reasons for Transmission Failure in Your Land Rover

Depending on your driving habits and how well you stick to routine maintenance, your Land Rover’s transmission should last between 150,00 to 200,000 miles, or about seven years on average. The transmission system in your Land Rover is in charge of transferring power from your engine to your wheels for… Read More »

Porsche MAF Sensor

Symptoms of MAF Sensor Failure in Porsche

One of the problems that can occur at any time with your Porsche is issues with the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor. As with many other sensors in the car, this sensor is very vital and its failure can be a safety risk to you. The MAF sensor has two… Read More »

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