Porsche Car In Summer

Top Tips For Handling Summer Porsche Maintenance Challenges In Tewksbury

Summer is here… Although warm and sunny weather allows people to indulge in fun outdoor activities, it is not that good for vehicles- particularly those designed to be driven fast. From tire blowout to engine overheating; summer is known to pose significant challenges for vehicles. Today’s blog post discusses things that you can do to make your Porsche summer ready. It is therefore important that you read this blog post all the way through.

Help Your Porsche Beat The Summer Heat With These Tips

#1- Ensure the upkeep of cooling system

The cooling system, in essence, makes it possible for the engine to run at idle operating temperatures. To achieve this, the cooling system relies on a bunch of parts and coolant. It orchestrates a steady coolant circulation with the help of a water pump, a thermostat, a radiator, and a network of hoses to keep the engine temperature within a permissible limit.

If you don’t want your Porsche engine temperature to jump beyond the maximum permissible limit every time you hit the road, you must ensure the upkeep of its cooling system.

– Check if there is enough coolant left in the system

– Inspect key cooling system parts like the water pump, radiator, thermostat, etc.

– If you suspect a glitch in the system, call your mechanic

#2- Check the fluid

When was the last time you had your Porsche’s fluids checked? Has it been a while? Be it motor oil or gearbox oil, fluids used in a vehicle need to be inspected every now and then. Not only these fluids help in lubrication but also they play critical role in aiding important car parts perform their assigned functions.

If you don’t want your Porsche to run into problem in the middle of nowhere, you should keep a close eye on its motor oil, gearbox oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and numerous other fluids.

– Check on different fluids in your Porsche- prior to the advent of summer

– Replace contaminated fluid

#3- Evaluate battery performance

Scorching summer heat can take a toll on your Porsche’s battery. From the headlights to spark plugs; electrical accessories of a vehicle rely on the battery to perform their assigned functions. Extreme cold or hot weather can significantly diminish the battery’s charge holding capability. This is something that may put a vehicle’s electrical system in jeopardy.

If your Porsche battery is weak or old, it may not be able to survive the coming summer. Inspection of the battery prior to the advent of summer is therefore imperative.

– Perform a volt test on your Porsche’s battery to check if it can withstand the coming summer

– If it is old or weak, consider replacing it

#4- Examine the AC unit

If you don’t want to be tormented on your upcoming summer road trip, you must ensure the upkeep of your Porsche’s AC unit. Air conditioning system of your vehicle essentially guards you against scorching summer heat waves. It is a very complex system- made up of an array of different parts; ranging from a compressor to a condenser. A flaw in one of these parts may render a vehicle’s AC unit useless.

If your Porsche AC is acting up, don’t take it for granted. Try to figure out the exact nature of the issue you are dealing with and have it fixed.

– Check if there is enough refrigerant left in the system

– If your Porsche’s AC unit is not blowing cold air anymore, call you mechanic.

#5- Keep an eye on tire pressure

Another important thing that you should add up to your Porsche’s summer maintenance checklist is tire maintenance. Keep track of your vehicle’s tire pressure regularly and ensure that they are properly inflated. Besides check on your Porsche’s tire tread depth and replace the tire that you think have reached its maximum serviceable life.

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