Land Rover Old Serpentine Belt

When to Replace the Serpentine Belt in Your Land Rover

Land Rover serpentine belt replacement may vary due to wear conditions. When the belt is left unchanged for an extended period, the belt may slit unexpectedly. This puts you and your vehicle at risk. Before the sudden break, the belt would show signs of wear. Before we discuss what signs to look for in a worn out serpentine belt, let’s discuss its function.

What is a serpentine belt?

A serpentine belt is also known as the drive belt. It is a single, continuous belt responsible for powering multiple devices in an automotive engine, such as an alternator, power steering pump, water pump, air conditioning compressor, etc.

Professionals advise that it is not safe to drive your Land Rover around with a defective serpentine belt. There is an increased risk of unexpected loss of power assist for the steering system if the belt breaks while in motion. Since the belt is also responsible for powering the water pump, the breakdown of the belt might lead the engine to overheat. Driving your vehicle with a broken serpentine belt can have adverse effects on your engine.

When should my serpentine belt be replaced?

With improvements in rubber technology, modern serpentine belts now last longer than they used to. Car manufacturers estimate that the belt can last between 50,000 and 100,000 miles. The life span of the belts varies depending on driving conditions, how long since the vehicle was purchased, or the last time the belt was replaced. You can often tell if your serpentine belt is due for replacement by looking out for the following signs.

  • Squealing Sound: Apart from noticing visible cracks and wear from your serpentine belt’s rubber, the belt tends to make a squealing or chirping sound indicative of deterioration. This may be due to slippage or misalignment from the parts that are meant to work in unison.
  • Cracks and wear on the belt: Conducting routine inspections on your vehicle helps detect problems in their early stage before they develop into something serious. If you notice missing chunks, rib separation, damaged ribs, uneven ribs, cracks, or abrasions, these are signs that your belt is due for replacement.
  • Power steering and AC failure: Another indication of a failed serpentine belt is that the air conditioner will cease to work. Since a serpentine belt powers the air conditioner compressor, the compressor fails once the belt is broken. The power steering, water pump, and alternator will also stop functioning as this belt powers them.
  • Engine overheating: A defective serpentine belt will eventually give out, and when it does, it is only a matter of time before your engine overheats. The absence of coolant circulation to the engine to cool it down will cause it to overheat.

Most times, a defective belt gives signs before breaking. You should take notes of the symptoms and bring your Land Rover into our shop if you suspect a problem. We also advise routine maintenance, as our experts will recognize these signs before it becomes a problem and recommend a replacement to keep your Land Rover from breaking down and stranding you on the side of the road.

What happens if I fail to replace a defective serpentine belt?

When you notice one or more of these signs but decide to ignore them, an intending disaster is waiting to happen. If your serpentine belt is in motion while it breaks, it will instantly lead to loss of power assist for the steering system, making driving very difficult. You also risk doing more damage to your vehicle by deferring the replacement once you notice it is due for a change.

Oldwick Village Garage Will Replace Your Serpentine Belt

While the serpentine belt replacement will be Land Rover Serpentine Belt Replacement quickly replaced by an expert, they must ensure the replacement belt is precisely fitted. At Oldwick Village Garage, we are extremely confident you will find our workmanship thorough and precise. Our well-trained technicians are equipped with the best tools required to make the most current and specialized repairs to your model.

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