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Master Technicians Offer Tire Services for Your Land Rover in Oldwick

The perfect combination of luxury and utility, Land Rovers offer a stylish but rugged driving experience. Whether your adventures occur off road or in the city, Land Rovers have the capabilities other luxury vehicles just can’t beat.

It is essential that you keep your Land Rover’s tires in top working condition. While the powerful engine is essential for a great driving experience, equally important is the maintenance and upkeep of its tires. When you’re in Tewksbury, NJ, Oldwick Village Garage is the place to go to maintain peak tire performance.

Common Issues with Land Rover Tires

If you use high-quality tires and perform regular maintenance, any tire problems should be few and far between. But while the superior design of the Land Rover guarantees a mostly stress-free trip, that does not mean problems can’t and won’t appear from time to time. When it comes to issues with your Land Rover’s tires, there are many that pop up that should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Many of these issues are caused by over- or under-inflation, and some are caused by mechanical issues in the car itself, while others can simply occur from everyday road hazards. Below is a closer look at common tire issues.

Cracking and Bulging

If and when you accidentally hit something like a curb, pothole, or other hazard, your tire could develop a crack or hole. This could start out small but greatly increase over time. This kind of damage can also develop from regularly under-inflating your tires.


This is a kind of irregular wear that occurs when something is wrong with your suspension. The car wll bounce, causing some spots to be worn down more than others in an irregular pattern that looks like a series of pits and craters, or cups.


Tread blocks are feathered when there is a series of ramps running across the face of the tire, with the narrow end facing out and the larger, higher end toward the middle of the tire. This usually occurs due to an incorrect toe setting, but sometimes it can be a result of a damaged suspension.

Heel and Toe Wear

This kind of wear is when the treads are worn down in a series of ramps that run around the tire’s circumference, rather than across, as in feathering. Heel-toe wear is also usually due to misalignment or a damaged suspension.

Decreased Fuel Economy

Under-inflated tires will create more friction between the tires and the road. An increase in friction leads to an increase in drag, or air resistance. As the name implies, too much drag will work against the car’s efficiency, and cause the engine to have to do more work, leading to more fuel consumption.

Unsafe Driving

The drag from damaged tires, worn or bald tires, and improperly inflated tires severely affects your car’s ability to brake and steer. In addition, over- and -under-inflation can greatly increase your chances of a blowout.

Maintaining the Proper Inflation

As mentioned, many of the above issues can be traced to over- or under-inflation of your tires.

Experts recommend you keep your tires inflated to between 32 and 35 psi (pounds per square inch). For the exact level, you should consult your owner’s manual. If you’re not sure, it’s a good idea to have a professional take a look.

An often-overlooked aspect of tire pressure is that it literally can change depending on the weather. Colder temperatures can cause a significant drop in your tire pressure, while warmer weather will cause the pressure to increase. In case of major temperature fluctuations outside, it’s important to be aware of your tire pressure and adjust accordingly.

Bring your Car to Oldwick Village Garage

Our experts at Oldwick Village Garage will Land Rover Tire Service look at your tires and diagnose any problem. We specialize in high-end, luxury European models like Land Rovers. Customers in and around Tewksbury, NJ, have put their trust in Oldwick Village Garage for years due to our extensive knowledge and experience, and we take pride in serving our community with excellence.

We offer services such as tire repair, tire replacement, realignment, and suspension repair. Bring your Land Rover in today, and we can point out and repair all of your tire needs. We will get you back on the road quickly so you can enjoy your next Land Rover adventure.