Audi Water Pump

How Important It Is To Maintain Your Audi Water Pump?

When your Audi breaks down, it can be very frustrating as you may even wonder what caused the breakdown. There are so many reasons why your Audi may not perform at its best, and one of them might be the result of a faulty water pump.

A very essential part of your vehicle’s cooling system is your water pump. It draws coolant off the radiator and distributes it throughout the engine. When coolant travels through your car’s engine, heat is reduced from the engine and all of its parts, preventing them from overheating. When the coolant travels to the radiator, the fan and outside air help to lower the coolant’s temperature before your vehicle pumps it throughout your engine again.

Your water pump is located at the front of your engine. It is powered by either the serpentine belt, timing chain, or timing belt; hence it is constantly near one of them. The water pump in your Audi is expected to endure not less than 100,000 miles; however, wear and tear may vary from car to car, so the water pump in your Audi might need replacement sooner than you expect.

If the water pump in your Audi isn’t operating correctly, you might need to replace it, and knowing the warning signs of the problem will enable you to know when you should get help immediately in order to avoid more damage. Hence we’ll look at some of the symptoms of water pump failures in Audi so you can recognize them straight away.

Symptoms of Water Pump Failures

  • Leaks of Coolant: If you detect coolant escaping from your Audi, it’s a big clue that the water pump may have to be replaced. Seals and gaskets are used to store the coolant in the water pump. When these parts loosen, wear out, or crack, there will be leakage of radiator fluid from your car front toward the middle, and this is easily noticeable as it’s usually orange, red, or green. You may also note that there is rust contained in the orange coolant.
  • Engine is Overheating: Your engine will overheat if the water pump is unable to move coolant through it. The higher your Audi’s engine temperature, the more the possibility of significant damage to your vehicle. This might lead to a broken engine block and damage to pistons, head gaskets, and cylinders. In order to prevent this, you have to be cautious of any overheating and take your Audi to our qualified specialist at Oldwick Village Garage as soon as possible.
  • Steam from the Hood: Never drive with steam escaping from the hood of your car. If you detect steam pouring out, something is definitely amiss. When your water pump breaks and has to be replaced, it is unable to flow coolant through the engine, resulting in a hot engine that creates steam. Do not drive if you realize your car is excessively hot or if you see steam rising from under the hood.
  • Corrosion: If there is air entering through a faulty pressure cap, mineral buildup or unclean engine coolant can cause the water pump to become corroded. This is a possibility if your water pump is old. Look beneath your car’s hood for corrosion or small holes on the exterior of the pump. If you discover this, you should replace the water pump as soon as possible. Corrosion damage will prohibit your Audi from running properly.
  • Whining Sounds: Any whining sounds emanating from the front of the vehicle’s engine might indicate that the water pump needs to be changed. Your water pump utilizes a belt or a pulley, and if any of these is too loose, it might lead to whining noises.
  • The Heater Isn’t Working: When your water pump does not provide adequate coolant circulation, the heater will begin to malfunction. Any heater that is unable to operate well might be caused by a reduced coolant level produced by a leaky water pump.

Oldwick Village Garage Will Fix Your Audi’s Water Pump

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