Volkswagen MAF Sensor

How to Best Deal With Mass Airflow Sensor Failure in Volkswagen

Volkswagen vehicles continue to be some of the best-selling motor vehicles. With their higher-grade comfort and performance and vehicles at multiple price points, drivers can always depend on their reliability and durability that comes with the Volkswagen name. Volkswagen’s can function like new for years after their purchase date if tended to with consistent and proper care.

A problem that may crop up is when the Mass Airflow Sensor fails. There may be an irregular misfire causing the engine to work in overdrive. This misfire can contribute to a failed fuel ignition or stop and stall the engine.

As a result of failed fuel ignition, the failed MAF sensor may turn on. When this happens, the engine overcompensates for the amount of fuel it thinks the engine needs, causing the fuel to burn faster and put the engine into overdrive. Additionally, the misfire from a failed sensor can cause the car to rumble and shake even when idling.

Not to worry, these rarely develop to severe problems if proper maintenance is maintained. As this significantly affects your vehicle’s engine, it is also a common symptom that the check engine light may turn on.

What is a mass airflow sensor?

The Mass AirFlow (MAF) sensor can be found under the hood. It mainly operates with the onboard diagnostic system. Appearing most commonly as a black cylinder, the MAF also has several valves and connecting ports that make it an important piece in maintaining proper function of your vehicle. The MAF is responsible for coordinating the perfect ratio of both air and fuel inside the engine.

Causes of Mass Airflow Sensor Failure

The MAF sensor can fail for various reasons, whether being regular wear and tear, dirt, or significant damage. Most often, computer diagnostics are necessary to determine that the MAF sensor is failing, so it is important to get your car inspected by a professional should you suspect there may be a problem.

What To Do When Your Mass Airflow Sensor Fails

The best thing to do is to prevent the MAF from failing by keeping up with routine maintenance. However, if you suspect that there is an issue with your MAF sensor, your vehicle is idling while you’re waiting at a red light, or it is presenting any other of the aforementioned concerns, you should bring the vehicle into the closest professional to have a look.

Can I still drive with a broken MAF sensor?

Although your car may still be running, having an misfiring engine and rough ride can cause a chain reaction of damage and resulting problems. Not servicing your vehicle early on after suspecting an improperly working MAF sensor can lead to much larger, and significantly more costly repairs.

OldWick Village Garage for Repair of your Mass Airflow Sensor Failure

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