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How to Deal with a Driveshaft Support Failure in a Porsche

One of the most notable brands of high-performance sports cars is the Porsche. When Porsche drivers push their engines to their full potential, it can create a number of problems, especially if they don’t stick to a frequent servicing schedule.

One common problem that plagues Porsches more often than not is driveshaft support failure. This negatively impacts the quality of driving. This is why you should go the extra mile aside from the manufacturer ‘s recommended maintenance schedule to continue enjoying high quality rides. Let’s take a look at why it’s important, some causes of driveshaft support failure, and signs that it has failed below.

The Driveshaft Support

The driveshaft support is an important part of your car’s transmission system. This is because it holds the driveshaft in place at the center of your Porsche’s undercarriage. The driveshaft is the component in your car that is responsible for transferring powerful torque from the engine to the wheels, enabling them to spin. The driveshaft in your Porsche allows your car to adjust the wheels when driving on rough surfaces without you feeling the impact of the surface.

The driveshaft also plays the important role of allowing the driveshaft some degree of movement while preventing the car from rattling when driving on rough surfaces. The driveshaft support is made up of several U-shaped pieces of metal that secure the long cylindrical tube that is the driveshaft to the underside of your car. By securing the driveshaft in place, the driveshaft support prevents it from moving around and causing damage to other parts of your car.

The Most Common Causes of Driveshaft Support Failure

There are several reasons why the driveshaft support in your Porsche fails such as exposure to road damage. This is what happens when you drive your car on rough surfaces. Remember, the driveshaft support is underneath your car where it could be impacted by small stones or sticks that you drive over on rough road surfaces. Small as they may be, these objects can continuously strike your car’s undercarriage and compromise the integrity of the driveshaft support.

Another potential cause of driveshaft support failure is the regular wear and tear that most car components are prone to. Because of its location underneath your Porsche, the driveshaft support is exposed to external factors that make the wear and tear happen even faster.

To catch any signs of wear and tear before they leave any extensive damage to your car you’ll need to ensure that you get regular servicing from a reliable Porsche specialist. You should always insist on a Porsche specialist because that will help you to avoid a case of improper installation, which could cause your driveshaft support replacements to fail prematurely.

Recognise These Signs of Failure

When the driveshaft support in your Porsche fails, among the first signs that you’ll notice include unusual noises while you’re driving. These noises will come from the driveshaft becoming loose and knocking against your car’s chassis as well other parts. These noises will be more pronounced when there’s a change in the torque or when you accelerate. You may also notice a whining noise coming from the car when you drive over bumps or make sharp turns.

Other than noises, you may also notice excessive vibrations in the cabin of the car. These vibrations are as a result of the driveshaft becoming loose and knocking against the car when you drive as well.

In addition to vibrations, there may also be sudden jolts to your car when you try to accelerate or start the car. These are a result of the driveshaft slacking since the driveshaft support won’t be securing it underneath the car.

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When it comes to the driveshaft support in your Porsche Driveshaft Support Inspection Porsche, prevention is better than repairs. This is why you should always get a regular check-up of your car by a reliable Porsche specialist who will know the warning signs to look for. In the event that your Porsche is already showing signs of driveshaft failure, seek the help of our certified mechanic at Oldwick Village Garage. We have the expertise and qualifications to fix all your Porsche issues. Schedule a visit at our Oldwick Village Garage, Tewksbury, NS and we’ll get you back on the road quickly.

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