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Reasons Behind a Clogged Catalytic Converter in an Audi from Experts in Oldwick

Your Audi’s catalytic converter is an important part of the exhaust system, so it’s important to make sure it’s always in tip-top shape. Without it, Audi’s are unable to convert gases emitted from the engine into less environmentally harmful byproducts. Keep in mind, the environment isn’t the only thing that suffers from a damaged catalytic converter. A clogged catalytic converter can lead to low engine performance, reduced acceleration, and extreme heat underneath the car.

Not too sure if your catalytic converter is clogged? Let’s take a closer look at the symptoms of a clogged catalytic converter:

  • Low engine performance: When a catalytic converter is clogged, old exhaust gets stuck making it impossible for your car to exhale properly. The outcome is trouble accelerating and low fuel economy.
  • Engine start problems: The buildup of trapped exhaust can also cause engine start delays. In extremely bad cases, the engine may not even start at all.
  • Engine warning light: The engine warning light can turn on for a wide variety of reasons, but if it’s on and you’ve experienced one or both of the issues outlined above, it’s time to bring your Audi into Oldwick Village Garage.

Causes of a Clogged Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters in an Audi are normally pretty durable, but unfortunately, there are times when it can still fail despite all of the advancements they have had over the years. Failure can be a result of the types of roads you’re driving on or from a lack of engine tuneups.

One of the most common causes is bad spark plugs that either misfire or fail to fire completely. This allows unburned fuel to enter the exhaust system, an extremely hot part of the car. The unburned fuel mixed with the extreme heat is a bad combination, which can result in this fuel catching on fire and causing a melt down. Melt down’s can also occur due to unsuitable oil mixtures, a faulty oxygen sensor, or a failing check valve.

Oil or antifreeze entering the exhaust system can also cause a clogged catalytic converter. This is extremely problematic because it can leave thick, black soot behind that eventually chokes your car and doesn’t allow the catalytic converter to do its main function. This backup pressure can also cause issues within the engine like major overheating that becomes even more expensive to repair.

It’s important to note that where and how you drive can also affect the efficiency of your catalytic converter. For example, driving on pothole littered roads or going off road can potentially damage the fragile part of the catalytic converter called the catalyst honeycomb. If this piece breaks, fragments of the catalyst honeycomb can bounce around as you drive and disrupt exhaust flow.

Short trips can also cause a clogged catalytic converter. If you’re the type of person that only uses your Audi for short trips, this puts you more at risk for a clogged catalytic converter because your car isn’t getting the amount of time it needs to properly heat up to the optimum temperature for burning hydrocarbons. This is an easy fix. Simply take the car out for longer rides at least once a week to ensure that these hydrocarbons are getting burned.

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