Mercedes Transmission Leak

Reasons Behind Transmission Leaks in a Mercedes From Certified Mechanics in Oldwick

Mercedes-Benz is a car brand best known for its style, class, and performance. These cars are best kept in optimal condition for the full Mercedes experience. Although finding miniscule problems with Mercedes can be challenging, one problem that is rather easy to diagnose is a transmission fluid leak.

This kind of leak can be serious, as it has the potential to damage your car’s inside and require costly fluid replacement.

Symptoms Of Transmission Leaks

The clearest symptom of a fluid leak is seeing the leak itself. While your car is parked, you may notice a small puddle of fluid beneath it. Once you notice the leak, you can find out what fluid is leaking from your car by using a piece of paper. Simply place the paper underneath your car and wait for a couple of hours. After that, take a look at the paper and examine the smell and color of the fluid that’s leaking.

The great thing about transmission fluid is that it’s easy to spot. It’s usually slippery and reddish in color with a smell that’s almost oily. Aside from just spotting a leaky car, there are a few other symptoms to watch out for in your Mercedes.

  • Grinding Sounds: To keep the transmission’s different parts moving properly, the transmission itself must be lubricated with fluid. When there is a transmission fluid leak, the different metal parts could start to grind against each other, making a frightening and noticeable noise.
  • Cracks In The Transmission: A crack in the transmission somewhere could indicate yet another problem with your transmission. This one is rather serious, as it could require complete transmission replacement.
  • Stained Concrete: This is an easy symptom to notice. Being reddish in color, transmission fluid stains concrete fairly easily, which gives you an easy and visible way to notice a leak.

Causes Of Transmission Leaks

There are multiple causes of transmission leaks, ranging from critical to relatively ignorable. The most common causes of a transmission leak are:

  • Transmission Pan Holes: The transmission pan functions to keep transmission fluid in your car. Located on the underbelly of your Mercedes, the transmission pan can be subjected to debris and objects striking it while driving. This can result in holes in the transmission pan, leading to fluid leaking out of it.
  • Problems With The Transmission Pan Gasket: The transmission pan gasket is a tiny piece of rubber that is located between the transmission pan and housing. Though it’s small, this piece is critical to your vehicle’s function. If it tears, breaks, or loses function somehow, transmission fluid can begin to leak from your Mercedes.
  • Incorrectly-Tightened Drain Plug: This problem can occur if you’ve had your Mercedes serviced recently. It’s possible that a technician could have made an error when retightening the drain plug after changing fluid. The plug keeps fluid in the transmission pan, so if it’s tightened too loosely or closely, problems can develop. What’s most important is keeping the proper balance when tightening the drain plug. This is why it is so important to always use a garage with technicians who are trained and skilled in the Mercedes brand of vehicles.

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