Porsche MAF Sensor

Symptoms of MAF Sensor Failure in Porsche

One of the problems that can occur at any time with your Porsche is issues with the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor. As with many other sensors in the car, this sensor is very vital and its failure can be a safety risk to you.

The MAF sensor has two types, which are the vane meter and the hot wire. They do not measure the air mass directly but in conjunction with other sensors. The MAF sensor helps the engine in the balance of the fuel-air mixture.

When it comes to cars, factors like altitude, ambient temperature, and forced induction cause variation in air density, which is measured by the MAF sensor. The information is sent to the Engine Control Unit. The MAF sensor is even better than the volumetric flow sensor as it better determines the amount of intake fuel in the cylinders. Most notably, the MAF sensor is used with the oxygen sensor making the air/fuel ratio to be more accurately determined and controlled. This function means that without the MAF sensors, your Porsche will not ignite or combust effectively and reliably.

Causes of MAF sensor failure

Several factors can be responsible for a failing sensor:

  • Contamination: As the car is being used over time, dust, dirt, and other debris can get into the sensor and contaminate it, causing failure.
  • Electric fault: The sensor can fail as a result of a contact fault at the electrical connections.
  • Faulty measuring elements: Damages to the measuring elements can lead to false information being sent to the engine control computer.
  • Mechanical damage: This is possible and can cause a faulty MAF sensor.
  • Measuring element drift: Sometimes, the MAF may exceed the measuring framework and therefore not function properly.

Signs of a Failing MAF Sensor

A routine observation of your Porsche’s overall integrity is very important. A faulty MAF sensor will adversely affect its performance, which can lead to severe damage to your car when the problem is left to linger. So make sure to bring your Porsche to our specialists whenever you notice anything odd occurring with your car.

Some signs of a faulty MAF sensor includes:

  • Engine stall: Your Porsche engine will stall after ignition when there is inappropriate air/fuel flow. This is usually monitored by the MAF sensor. This happens in a case where the sensor is failing and usually will be indicated by an illuminated engine light.
  • Ignition problems: This is not a primary indication of the MAF sensor problem but it can be when the engine is not getting sufficient fuel. Call our mechanics for a quick tow and sensor replacement before further damage happens to your car.
  • Rough idling: There are several faults that could be responsible for a rough idling and a damaged MAF sensor is one of them. When this is noticed in combination with other mentioned signs, it can be easily deduced that the MAF sensor is responsible.
  • Reduced performance: As a powerful car, your Porsche is able to accelerate fast and smoothly. In some instances, accelerating may be difficult which usually points to a MAF sensor or transmission problems.
  • Increased fuel consumption: As you already know, Porsches are a great consumer of fuel, but in the case of a damaged MAF sensor, the fuel efficiency is even lower. This will cost you a lot of money unless you take your Porsche for repairs.

Quick Repairs of a MAF Sensor Failure at Oldwick Village Garage

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Our technicians regularly attend training classes and take online courses held by leading industry experts. We are also active members of BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche technical groups. Our owner is hands on with every aspect of the business and oversees every service and repair. For more information or inquiries about your MAF sensor repair, contact us at (908) 439-2236. Book an appointment with us now!