BMW Catalytic Converter

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One major component of your vehicle’s exhaust emission control system is the catalytic converter. This device gets rid of a lot of the toxic gases and pollutants that could normally be found in a combustion engine’s exhaust gas.

The catalytic converter literally converts these harmful elements by catalyzing what is known as a redox reaction. This device is a standard part of any modern vehicle with a combustion engine but can also be found on kerosene-fueled stoves and heaters.

The very first prototypes were created in France around the end of the 19th century when there were only a few thousand “oil cars” on the roads. The original designs could be found coating with palladium, iridium, and platinum and were sealed in a double metallic cylinder.

The catalytic converter on your vehicle is contained in the exhaust system and is located between your engine and your muffler. While certainly not the only component that works to reduce the pollutants your vehicle would otherwise spill into the atmosphere, the catalytic converter is arguably the most important.

Recognizable Signs of a Clogged Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters are designed to last as long your car lasts as a crucial component of your car’s emissions system. Sometimes, the catalytic converter can become clogged with residual build-up. If the build-up becomes too bad, your vehicle’s exhaust gases won’t be able to exit through the muffler. If the gasses can’t escape through the rear and can’t get out through the front either, eventually your engine will die because it won’t be getting the appropriate mixture of air and fuel.

Before things get that bad, there are a few signs you can look for that point towards a clogged converter.

  • Your Engine May Have Problems: If the catalytic converter on your car is clogged, it can cause increased exhaust pressure which can cause your engine to stall. You might notice your car is difficult to start or it may sputter. If your car does start it might not slowly or suddenly shut down.
  • You’re Suddenly Getting Worse Fuel Efficiency: Keep track of your vehicle’s fuel efficiency for a while. If you notice it is getting significantly worse in a very short period of time, this is a possible indicator of a clogged catalytic converter. The reason for this could be due to the fact that your engine is not getting enough oxygen and therefore is having to work extra hard. The harder your engine works, the more fuel it will consume and the few miles you will be getting to the gallon.
  • Engine Warning Light is Illuminated: If your car was made in 1996 or later, chances are very high that it came equipped with a hand check-engine light. The warning system in your vehicle is connected to various sensors in your car and one of these sensors is designed to determine if your vehicle is getting the proper air and fuel mixture. If this mixture is off or there is some other failure related to your catalytic converter, you should receive a warning light, indicating something needs to be fixed.
  • Your Vehicle Fails an Emissions Test: If your vehicle fails an emissions test, there is a very high chance that it is due to a clogged or otherwise faulty catalytic converter. The importance of the role the catalytic converter plays in keeping emissions in check can’t be stressed enough. A clogged catalytic converter can result in an increased level of contaminated antifreeze, contaminated motor oil, or carbon emissions.
  • Poor Acceleration: Another sign of a possibly faulty catalytic converter is poor acceleration performance in your vehicle. Your vehicle might feel sluggish, may jerk, or might stall completely when you try to accelerate. Poor engine performance is always a red flag that something is amiss with your vehicle and very well could mean that there is gas exhaust trapped in front of the clogged catalytic converter.

The Best Repair Shop in Oldwick

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