BMW Door Lock

The Best Ways to Avoid a Door Lock Failure in Your BMW

In any vehicle equipped with automatic parts, there are sure to be certain issues that arise after a while, including in a BMW. One common issue is the failure of the door locks, which is especially concerning in a car that comes with such a big price tag. You have to be able to count on your doors to lock to keep out those who don’t have good intentions.

Avoiding door lock failure is of the utmost importance. In this article, you will learn how to keep both your vehicle and yourself safe by recognizing the signs of malfunction and how to fix the problem fast before you’re stuck in a dangerous situation.

Red Flags and Reasons Behind Door Lock Malfunction or Failure

More modern vehicles are equipped with technology that makes several functions easier and more convenient. These conveniences rely on several complex parts that are susceptible to damage, causing this tech to fail. When the door locks on a BMW begin to fail, there will be several warning signs:

  • Your locks will get stuck. Even if you can get the locks to work, they may get stuck in one from time to time. This is a sign of early failure that should be examined immediately.
  • They will simply not lock anymore. This is an obvious sign of failure, but there are several reasons why this could happen, not all of them involving the actual electrical system of your BMW.

Sometimes, failure of the doors to lock stems from an issue with your key fob. These fobs use batteries as their source of power, and these batteries can run down. The solution may be as simple as changing the fob’s batteries.

If the issue is not with your fob, a blown fuse may be to blame. When any fuse blows, your BMW will not have the electrical power it needs to keep one or more parts of your car functioning.

Your BMW may be facing bad wiring if none of the former are the roots of the issue with your locks. Wires wear and sustain damage over time. This is normal, but the wires need to be replaced regardless. Other damaged parts may cause the wires to corrode, prematurely wearing them down.

Wires and fuses aren’t the only parts that keep your doors locking safely when you exit or enter your vehicle. There are mechanisms that are triggered to physically control the locks called actuators, and these mechanisms break down over time just like any other part might. If the actuators are malfunctioning, your locks may engage without being triggered with the fob or become stuck.

The Role of Maintenance in Door Lock Failure Prevention

Every vehicle needs to be inspected and maintained regularly by a team of trained mechanics. Many drivers neglect the recommended schedule for their cars because if there are no concerning symptoms present, they believe that everything is working as it should.

The truth is that this preventative maintenance can help you avoid malfunctions in the future and increase the longevity of your BMW. The only way to avoid problems like door lock failure is to find a repair shop that you can trust to go to for this regular maintenance that your BMW needs.

Maintenance and Repairs from the Best in Tewksbury

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