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The Importance Of Flushing Volkswagen Transmission Fluid Regularly

The transmission fluid in a Volkswagen is an essential part of the optimal function of the transmission itself. This fluid keeps each part lubricated and working together smoothly, providing the hydraulic power necessary to make your driving experience pleasant and, more importantly, possible.

Transmission fluid will get dirty over time just like any other fluid in your Volkswagen, and when it does, it must be flushed from the transmission before it causes issues that result in the premature wearing down of this crucial auto part.

In this article, we are going to break down why flushing your Volkswagen’s transmission fluid regularly is so important and how you can get it done without paying a premium for quality service.

Importance of Volkswagen’s Transmission

The transmission in a Volkswagen has one main purpose, and that is to provide power to the wheels to drive at a particular speed. It allows you to shift gears when you need, adjusting the power and speed that the Volkswagen needs without overworking the engine.

When the transmission wears down due to a lack of fluid, there are several negative side effects that affect how you drive, and eventually, these issues will prevent you from driving unless you have the transmission repaired or replaced.

Symptoms of Low Transmission Fluid

When the transmission fluid in your Volkswagen is low or dirty/degraded, you can expect a sharp dip in the car’s performance along with the appearance of strange sounds and smells.

The smells mentioned above will likely be a result of the engine overheating. Without a properly functioning transmission, your engine will overwork itself and overheat, causing significant damage over time.

Your Volkswagen will warn you of issues with the transmission with clunking or whining sounds while you drive. You should never ignore unexpected sounds that your car makes, as they are sure signs that something is malfunctioning and needs to be repaired.

An early sign of transmission malfunction is the illumination of your “Check Engine Light”. Many drivers ignore the light, as it does this for several reasons, but it should never be ignored or neglected. Pay attention to your Volkswagen’s warnings, because this is likely a serious issue and may be a sign of a failing transmission.

Slipping gears or resistance to switching gears altogether is an obvious sign of transmission malfunction. The lack of fluid keeps the system from working smoothly, and as a result, the transmission will have trouble shifting gears when and how they should.

Flushing Transmission Fluid and Safety

Flushing your vehicle’s transmission fluid regularly can prevent many of the troublesome issues explained above. Some of these symptoms are dangerous. Not being able to regulate the speed and power of your Volkswagen while driving becomes hazardous to yourself and others around you. Being in control at all times is a necessary part of avoiding collisions.

Schedule for Transmission Fluid Flushing

It is recommended by leading Volkswagen experts that you have the transmission fluid flushed every 30,000 miles or between 1-2 years, barring special circumstances. If the fluid is prematurely dirty or degraded, you should have it replaced as soon as possible.

Healthy, clean transmission fluid is red in color and clear instead of opaque. Its smell is sweet. You can check your transmission fluid by using a dipstick in the engine. If it looks dark/discolored, is opaque, or it smells anything but sweet, it is time to have your fluid flushed and replaced.

Volkswagen Transmission Fluid Flush

Volkswagen Maintenance Performed By Leading Experts in Tewksbury

If your Volkswagen is in need of a transmission fluid flush, it is important to have this service done sooner rather than later before these negative symptoms manifest and cost both time and money in extensive repairs.

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