New Jaguar Alternator

Warning Signs That Your Jaguar’s Alternator is Not Working

Alternator issues can be incredibly frustrating because it’s easily tied to other potential problems. What might appear to be a problem with the battery might be an alternator issue, and vice versa.

Jaguars are not exempt from these issues. They’re well-made vehicles, but even they can be suspect to these issues. Even if you stay on top of maintenance and take good care of it, the possibility an alternator issue might creep up on you is always prevalent.

One way to keep costs to a minimum when dealing with alternator issues is to understand some of the symptoms, not dedicate time and money to believe it to be a separate issue.

Dashboard Indicators

Dashboard indicators are pretty helpful. While they don’t always point precisely where the issue is, they can usually give you a general idea of what to look for.

Alternator issues can show up as two different options on the dashboard, either “ALT” or “GEN”. As soon as one of the indicators appears, it’s best to seek professional help as quickly as possible to ensure there are no other issues that might damage your vehicle.

Car Stalls or Difficulty Starting

Your Jaguar suddenly stalling while at a red light is a significant indicator of an alternator issue. Alternators are intertwined mainly with how the battery communicates with the vehicle, so problems with the alternator can sometimes be confused with an issue with the battery.

Another symptom is if the Jaguar has difficulty starting, which can sometimes come out in the form of an extended turnover. Both of these issues might be because of an alternator issue, and if both are regularly occurring, professional help and opinion should be sought out.

Unexpected Dead Battery

Dead batteries happen to just about everyone. Sometimes it’s an interior headlight left on accidentally, or the headlights were left on overnight, and now you’re going to be late for work. These are standard, everyday issues that aren’t necessarily related to a problem with your battery, but when these same things happen, and you know it wasn’t the result of a light left on the night before, it might be a battery issue.

There are steps to take before chalking it up to an alternator issue. Checking for corrosion on the battery is one step that could be taken, or the battery could be taken to an auto parts store to ensure it is still in working condition.

Odd Noises

Odd noises can sometimes accompany alternator problems. Often described as a rattling coming from the engine, the result of bearing coming loose and rattling around in the engine while the Jaguar is on. While there are other possibilities, these rattles will often be accompanied by some of the other symptoms on this list if it’s the alternator is at fault.

Dimmed Lights

We mentioned earlier that the alternator works closely with the battery, and this can be seen, especially with the lights. Alternator issues might be seen in the form of dimmed lights, be it on your dash, interior lights, or headlights. The symptom is pretty quickly noticed. You’re likely very aware of how your Jaguar lights up a road or how bright your dashboard usually is. The changes can be rapidly detected.

While there’s a possibility that the symptoms might have another cause, an alternator could undoubtedly be the culprit, especially if there are other symptoms present.

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