BMW Engine Misfire

When Should You Replace the Ignition Module of a BMW from Experienced Mechanics in Oldwick

Over the years, the BMW has proved itself to be a quality automobile. When you drive a BMW, you are more than confident of its high performance. However, as you continue to drive your BMW, its performance depreciates due to natural wear and tear.

The ignition module of your BMW is one of those components that is prone to wearing out over time. When the ignition module of your car becomes faulty, your vehicle’s performance is impacted because it serves an essential function in your vehicle.

The ignition module, located in the ignition of your BMW, acts as a breaker in the ignition to control the ignition coil. Simply put, the ignition module is like a switch that turns the ignition coil on and off. Whenever you put your car keys into the ignition, a signal is sent to the ignition module. The ignition module, in turn, sends a spark to the ignition coil, which starts your car.

As you can see, without the function of the ignition module, your BMW will not get the spark it needs to start. That is why the ignition module of your BMW needs to be maintained. Usually, when the ignition module becomes faulty, it will need replacement, as repair is not always an option. You will notice some or all of the following signs in your vehicle when the ignition module needs replacement.

Misfiring and stalling the engine

The ignition module plays a vital role in the engine of your BMW. Hence, when the module develops any fault, the engine will be affected. The engine of your car will misfire when the ignition module breaks down. When the engine misfires, your car will hesitate, stall, stumble, or you will feel vibrations as you drive.

Your vehicle will also experience low RPMs and lose speed.

Stalling and misfiring reduces the overall performance of your car to the bare minimum. Call a BMW technician to have it fixed when you notice any signs because driving in a car that misfires can be dangerous.

Unresponsive or delayed power

The ignition module in your BMW is responsible for the spark that turns on your car. Therefore, when it fails, it will no longer provide the necessary spark needed to power the engine. This will cause your car to be unresponsive when you turn on the ignition.

Upon driving, you will also notice that your car accelerates sluggishly. When you notice any signs, report to a BMW technician to have the ignition module replaced.

Low fuel efficiency

Whenever anything goes wrong with the ignition module of your BMW, the gas mileage is affected. Because the ignition module can no longer provide the spark for your vehicle to start, your car will work very hard to start independently. When this happens, your BMW will start consuming more gas than it normally would, thereby causing you to spend more money on gas. If you notice a reduced fuel efficiency, call the attention of a mechanic to have it checked out and fixed.

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