Audi Valve Cover

Where Should You Take Your Audi in Oldwick For Fixing Valve Cover Oil Leaks

The Audi brand is a good choice because of its reliability and versatility. It will eventually need maintenance and service. One issue that is particularly common is valve cover oil leaks.

The valve cover sits on top of the engine’s cylinder head. Its primary job is to protect the cylinder head and to prevent oil from leaking out onto the top of the engine. When this valve cover fails, it can lead to many problems as oil gets into parts of the engine where it shouldn’t go, and can contaminate other areas and lubrication fluids.

Because the valve covers in our cars are constantly subjected to extreme temperatures and pressure, deterioration is common. Luckily, when the valve covers do become damaged for some reason, it’s relatively simple to get it replaced. Our knowledgeable mechanics can complete this task for you with ease.

Signs of Valve Cover Oil Leaks

There are many symptoms you can look out for which indicate that your Audi is dealing with an oil leak. Here are some of them:

  • Dirty valve cover: One way to determine if the oil leak is coming from the valve cover or somewhere else is to lift the hood and take a look. If the valve cover has obvious, sticky residue on it, or if pieces of the engine around it do, the cover is probably leaking.
  • Pool of liquid under the car: Regardless of the situation, it’s not good to see puddles forming under your car. If you do, though, and the liquid has the brownish color of oil, the problem could be the valve cover.
  • Burning smell while driving: When oil leaks out of the valve cover and gets onto the hot parts of your car’s engine, it will start to burn, and you will likely be able to smell it as you go down the road.
  • Smoke coming from the hood: On a related note, when the oil starts to burn, you are likely to see smoke as well. As you can probably imagine, this is very dangerous, as if the problem is not fixed quickly, it could lead to a fire or an explosion.
  • Engine problems: Maintaining a consistent oil level is very important for making sure your engine runs properly, and when it is leaking out of the engine, it is not going to the places it needs to be to lubricate the system. Instead, it can gum up other areas and leave the engine to operate under too much friction and pressure. This can lead to a whole list of engine issues, like stalling or misfiring. This happens when the oil gets down to important components like the spark plugs.
  • Low oil: If you find that your Audi seems to always be low on oil, even when you changed it out not too long ago, that’s a good indication that there is an oil leak somewhere. It may be the valve cover or it may be something else, but no matter what, you should bring your car to a professional to get it fixed as soon as you can.

Where to Go For Help With Your Audi’s Leaking Valve Cover

If you live in or near Tewksbury, New Jersey, Oldwick Village Garage is the best place to go for help with all of your Audi repair needs. Audi Oil Level Check Our experienced and knowledgeable mechanics know the ins and outs of the Audi brand and will be able to determine what the problem is and fix it efficiently.

Whether it’s the valve cover leaking or something else, you can rely on us to get your car back in shape to get you where you need to go. If you’d like to learn more about us, set up an appointment or give us a call to find out about how our services can help you get back on the road faster. Feel free to also come into our shop and speak with our friendly technicians. We would be happy to meet you and discuss how we can find solutions to your car problems. Give us a call today and allow us to earn your business!