Jaguar Coolant Level Low Warning Light

Where to Go in Oldwick to Fix Coolant Leaks in Your Jaguar

When it comes to matching beauty with performance, Jaguar is at the forefront. The luxury brand delivers quality, comfort, and excellent performance, making their lineup of premium British models top choices in an elite class of European luxury cars.

Regardless of sticking to the regular maintenance of your Jaguar, they are prone to the same performance-related issues that every car encounters from time to time. Driving over large debris at high speed, accidents, or normal wear and tear can impede the performance of your Jaguar. Coolant leaks is one such problem that could interfere with the smooth running of your vehicle if the problem is left unattended.

Causes of Coolant Leaks

The cooling system is a crucial part of your Jaguar. Its primary function is to cool down the engine and maintain an ideal operating temperature for your car. The coolant, which is also known as antifreeze, lubricates the cooling system. It protects the engines from overheating and lubricates the moving parts it comes into contact with.

When you notice coolant leaks from your vehicle’s undercarriage, you should treat it with urgency to reduce the risk of overheating and irreparable engine damage. Discussed below are some of the factors that could have caused coolant leaks from your Jaguar.

Damaged Hose

The hose transports the coolant fluid through your vehicle. Over time, the hose can become defective, which results in leakage of coolants. If the coolant leakage from your vehicle results from a damaged hose, replacing it should be a quick and inexpensive fix. However, you shouldn’t allow the problem to persist, so it doesn’t end up causing costly damage.

Blown Head Gasket

The head gasket keeps the engine oil and coolant segregated. When you are having difficulty tracing the source of the leak, there is a chance it is because of a blown head gasket. Apart from isolating the engine oil and coolant, the head gasket also maintains pressure within both systems for seamless circulation. When the head gasket is damaged, the coolant can mix with the engine oil contaminating it. This results in lowered compression in your engine cylinders.

When coolant comes in contact with your spark plugs, it will burn, resulting in white emissions from your vehicle exhaust. The common cause of head gasket failure includes wear, poor maintenance, and overheating.

Broken Radiator

Another factor that could cause a coolant leak from your Jaguar is a broken radiator. The radiator is the part of the cooling system that helps eliminate excess heat from the engine. The coolant moves from the radiator through the hose to the engine to absorb excess heat and transport it back to the radiator.  The radiator then releases the coolant’s heat as the hot liquid passes through it.

The ravage of time can cause holes or cracks in the radiator, allowing coolants to seep out of the system. Poor maintenance, damage from debris, as well as minor bumps and impacts can also cause the radiator to crack.

Radiator Cap Seal

When the radiator cap becomes broken or worn out, it results in a poorly sealed radiator. Since the radiator cap acts as a seal containing the fluid within the system, the coolants seep out when the radiator cap becomes defective.

Water Pump

The water pump is essential for the flow of the coolant to the engine. Due to the wear and tear, the water pump may become defective, causing coolant leaks. When you discover coolant leaks from your Jaguar, you should take care of it immediately because the coolant fluid is essential for the smooth functioning of your vehicle. If you leave the leak unattended, it can cause your engine to overheat or other costly engine damage.

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